Customer Stories & Use Cases

Beyond home office: Remote work & collaboration with ECM

Can remote workers really be as productive as they would be in the office? Learn here how companies can use ECM to enable their staff to work and collaborate from a remote location, ensuring seamless business processes that reach far beyond a home office.

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| Julia Pedak

 Innovation & Technology

Get ahead in 2020 with the latest Doxis4 innovations

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but you’re still searching for information in paper documents across various systems? Find out how Doxis4's latest innovations in AutoML, integration, process optimization and deployment models will enhance your business in 2020.

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| Bärbel Heuser-Roth

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Lessons in digital change from ECM experts

Digital change is not just an IT topic. How well you prepare your employees for such an organizational change will determine its success. SER’s ECM project leaders share their insights into change management approaches and measures that have proven effective with our customers.

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| Maureen Cueppers

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