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Always on duty: AI in customer support

| Julia Pedak

Whether it's an inquiry about delivery status, processing or contracts, customer concerns vary hugely and arrive in house via a variety of channels. Nobody tolerates long waiting times any more. Doxis4 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to classify inquiries and speed up customer service.

There are so many communication channels available nowadays – telephone, email, fax, web forms. Even the occasional letter. From requests to orders to complaints, some are addressed to sales, while others arrive at the service center or simply via your info@ email. Customers left waiting too long for a reply will soon start looking at alternative providers or escalate their complaints.

Yet some companies receive hundreds, even thousands, of inbound documents daily via their general inboxes or global email addresses. These documents then have to be sorted and assigned to the correct recipients. It's a time-consuming process and particularly exasperating when documents do a "lap of honor" around the departments before reaching the right person. But there is a better way: Automatic monitoring of all inbound communication channels along with corresponding forwarding.

Smart: The new Doxis4 Classification & Extraction Service

AI-based solutions come in particularly useful wherever there is a need to analyze large volumes of data. They can work much faster than humans to identify the contents of a document and classify it accordingly. The new Doxis4 Classification & Extraction Service uses intelligent, self-learning methods to automatically analyze and classify all inbound documents according to their contents – regardless of whether they are electronic messages or digitized paper documents. In the future, the solution should even be able to learn how to interpret the writer's attitude from the text. Using a pre-trained sentiment analysis tool, Doxis4 will be able to recognize when a complaint is received from an annoyed customer. Doxis4 will then immediately trigger a process to forward the complaint and associated documents from the customer file to the responsible employee in customer service, sales or the complaints team. This helps to stop a potential escalation in its tracks.


Cognitive services by SER

The Doxis4 Classification & Extraction Service is one of a new category of services – called cognitive services – integrated into the Doxis4 ECM platform. AI technologies, from machine learning to deep content analytics (deep CA) and natural language processing (NLP), are covered in cognitive services. These can be accessed on demand by ECM applications in the Doxis4 iECM suite.


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