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| Maureen Cueppers

The German comparison and rating portal Trusted is a reliable guide for many companies in their search for the right ECM system. Independent users and industry experts have rated Doxis4 in the portal. Their conclusion: "The multiple award-winning Doxis4 ECM platform shines through with its intuitive and well-planned document management system." Doxis4 is impressive as "one of the few platforms in the market that unites comprehensive document management and BPM features in one software," while also giving data protection and security top priority. The Doxis4® iRoom® was also highlighted as enabling secure collaboration with third parties. The overall score from the users was no surprise: Doxis4 received the full score across the board.

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Doxis4® iRoom®: A digital collaboration workspace

Doxis4® iRoom®: A digital collaboration workspace

The Doxis4® iRoom® of the Doxis4 enterprise content management platform is all about one thing: collaboration.


Maureen Cueppers

Hi! I’m a Content Manager and Writer for the SER Group. I relish the chance to spread the word about the power of Doxis4 to transform information management. Prior to joining SER, I worked in English Communications at a business consulting firm for 13 years. A native of Oregon, I’m a craft beer enthusiast and have 43 nicknames (the last time I counted).

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