Best of the blog to kick-start 2020

| Maureen Cueppers

Which blog posts struck a particular chord with our readers last year? Here’s your chance to catch up on the big topics and customer success stories you might have missed! Which insights can you apply to your digital transformation strategy in 2020?

Best of Blog

Three information trends to drive business in 2019 and beyond »
“It’s not too late to lay the foundation for future-ready and innovative information management,” says Morad Rhlid, SER Group Managing Director. The three trends he discusses are more relevant than ever heading into the new decade. Find out what they are and how you can apply them to your digital transformation.

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Cloud, AI, ECM at Deutsche Bahn »
New sales channels with more and more data, processes that have to be faster, and countless interfaces with digital customer apps and systems – these were the challenges facing Germany’s national railway Deutsche Bahn. Find out how they solved them.

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Chief Tech Talk: AI is a real game-changer! »
If our juggling CTO Gregor Joeris wasn’t enough to convince you to read this interview (he really is a great juggler!), then the topics of this talk certainly will: AI – the hype, the reality, the risks, and how your organization can benefit from it.

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Five email risks your business should avoid »
Regardless of how many awesome technologies we have at our workplace, nothing has been able to dethrone email as our primary means of communication. And yet, so many businesses turn a blind eye to the risks involved in managing and storing email. What are they? What can you do about them? 

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Fast, secure migration to ECM platform for bank (Raiffeisen Bank International) »
In the highly competitive banking industry, customers simply have no tolerance for bad service or complex processes. Learn here how Raiffeisen Bank International AG in Poland managed to quickly and securely migrate its archive within three months without downtime! 

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How to ensure your SAP complies with the EU GDPR »
“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance,” US Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty warns. His words took on greater meaning this past year when the EU GDPR came into effect. Do your ERP, HR and CRM systems meet the new regulations? How to ensure your SAP complies with data protection requirements. 

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EU GDPR-compliant information lifecycle management for SAP

What do companies have to do to get their SAP systems in shape for the EU GDPR? And what about all those unstructured transaction-specific documents stored in eArchives? We give you the answers and suitable methods and tools.

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EU GDPR-compliant information lifecycle management for SAP

ECM & BPM for smart electronics (TDK Hungary Components) »
Automation and smart electronics are key business drivers of the automotive market. TDK Electronics (previously EPCOS) found a way to meet these competitive market requirements – learn how in this article.

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Are your eInvoicing processes up to speed? »
Practically every country today has a standard eInvoice format in place. While every organization should know which format they must use, our author John Juerss also urges, “Why don’t international companies use this (the new formats) as an opportunity to modernize eInvoicing through company-wide digitalization?” More in his blog post. 

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Future-ready ECM for insurance provider (Helvetia) »
Find out how one of Europe’s leading insurance providers, Helvetia, is building a basis for excellent customer service and innovative operational models in its business processes through digital transformation. 

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Maureen Cueppers

Hi! I’m a Content Manager and Writer for the SER Group. I relish the chance to spread the word about the power of Doxis4 to transform information management. Prior to joining SER, I worked in English Communications at a business consulting firm for 13 years. A native of Oregon, I’m a craft beer enthusiast and have 43 nicknames (the last time I counted).

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