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Compliance made easy: EU GDPR

| Julia Pedak

Do you have all documents for the next audit to hand? Can you delete customer data correctly and in line with EU GDPR requirements? How do you verify your compliance measures? Questions like these are likely to make some companies break out in a cold sweat. Electronic files with Doxis4 can take care of many concerns. We've put together 5 ways that Doxis4 eFiles help you stay compliant.

Information must not end up in the wrong hands – a fact that companies are well aware of, particularly since WikiLeaks. But protection alone is not enough. You must also be able to verify your compliance-protection measures to the authorities and business partners. Doxis4 eFiles make it a cinch:

1. Protect information

Who is authorized to see which information? Who is permitted to modify and delete it? With Doxis4 eFiles, you specify exactly who can do what – from the complete file to specific folders to individual documents and processes. Want to give an employee access to their personnel record? Or open up temporary access to an external partner to a folder in their project record? It's easy to set up exceptions for a time frame of your choosing. You decide the protection level for every last piece of information.

2. Delete promptly

Can a contract or email be deleted or is it subject to retention requirements for auditing? Doxis4 eFiles take away the need to ask this question: Retention periods are monitored automatically. Once they expire, Doxis4 will either inform you or delete the documents automatically depending on your preferences. Your information stays securely protected up to that point, so you don't have to worry about accidental deletion or unwanted changes.

3. Ensure audit-proof archiving

An audit is coming up and you need to collate the relevant paperwork – not an easy task if you have to perform manual searches in a number of different systems. Save time and effort with Doxis4 eFiles: All documents in the context of the respective business case can be found in the customer, contract and supplier records etc. – including business correspondence such as emails and the associated transactions. The result: You meet GoBD requirements and can provide the auditor with all data related to the accounting process transparently and in its entirety. At the same time, Doxis4 safeguards the prompt and immutable archiving of your documents.

4. Keep transparent and verifiable logs

Doxis4 logs all access to, modification and deletion of your files, documents and processes. You keep a seamless record of how you manage information. This helps you e.g. to verify that personal data has been deleted in line with the provisions of the EU GDPR.

5. Offer certified security

Your information has evidential value – in tax audits, in court, and as the basis for business relationships. So, it's all the more important that you and others can depend on its credibility. Numerous certifications are testimony to the compliance capabilities of Doxis4. It ensures you fulfill legal requirements and standards on both a national and international level. A certified ECM system not only assures you of compliance with the necessary technical and organizational requirements – it also demonstrates this fact to the authorities and your business partners.

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Julia Pedak

What excites me about Doxis4? All of its many possibilities – which I get to write about in the SERblog. As an SER writer with a Master‘s degree in German Studies, I love writing. I'm always on the look out for the most compelling stories and solutions that will help you advance your digitalization.

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