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Fast, secure migration to ECM platform for bank

| Maureen Cueppers

In 2018, the bank Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A was split: one part was sold to another bank, while the other part established independent operations under the name Raiffeisen Bank International AG (joint- stock company; Polish branch). During the post-demerger process, the bank needed to quickly, securely and compliantly migrate relevant customer documents and data from the former bank's legacy archive to a new archive – which should also fulfill the requirements of a modern banking solution. In the search for a future-ready and extendible enterprise content management (ECM) platform, the newly independent bank decided in favor of Doxis4.

Raiffeisen Bank International migrates to SER's ECM platform

Fast and secure migration to Doxis4 archive

While the bank had already implemented the Doxis4 document management system, Raiffeisen Bank International AG also wanted to establish its own archive with Doxis4. Thanks to the migration concept of the SER Group, this meant completely and securely migrating documents and data from the legacy system, IBM Content Manager, to the ECM platform. The bank placed high priority on having no downtime for employees and customers during the migration, and this wish was fulfilled. A big advantage was that the migration took place in less than four months. The migration was completed simultaneously with the bank demerger so that the archive and document management system was fully accessible and operable within the first week of business. Now, 23 types of documents are readily available and organized for employees in one central archive.

Quick, audit-proof & efficient migration to Doxis4

Migration to Doxis4: calculated, planned, under control

Migrate large volumes of documents in a secure, quick way with SER's proven migration concept to effectively manage and harness the power of your information.

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The ECM platform benefits

The archive and document management solutions are a part of the digitalization strategy of the Polish branch of Raiffeisen Bank International AG. This strategy is based in part on the future-ready and extendible enterprise content management platform, Doxis4. The benefits of a platform approach for banks are numerous: for example, it is scalable to handle the rising volumes of documents and data of banks, can be extended to further areas – e.g. customer portals, banking processes, automated compliance –  and integrates with the bank’s other business applications.

Employees also benefit from the platform: They now have constant and centralized access to customer documents and data. Everyone has a consistent way of working and streamlined document and archival processes. This means better and faster customer service and quicker access to customer signature cards, which are crucial for daily business. Thanks to the high level of usability, the employees were able to start working with Doxis4 with only minimal training.

To learn more about how Raiffeisen Bank International AG is modernizing its banking services and systems, continue reading here.

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