Marcin Somla talks tech with Computerworld

| Alexandra Sieron

Computerworld’s Tomasz Bitner invited Marcin Somla, Director of SER Polska, to visit his popular business show “Coffee Break with Technology”

In the heart of Warsaw, they had a talk about technology over a cup of coffee. Marcin explained the meaning of ECM and how companies benefit from implementing an ECM solution. Moreover, they discussed the core of ECM and how much flexibility and accountability need to be in balance or, to be more precise, how standard solutions and customizations are combined for best results.

Alexandra Sieron

Hey there, in my role as an International Communications Manager, I juggle analyst relations along with several international teams, PR and marketing projects for the SER Group. I am excited to share all our activities across the globe with you. Prior to joining SER, I held several marketing and communications positions at an international affiliate marketing network, where I worked 9 years. My other passion, good food!, started with a college job at a popular Berlin restaurant and hasn’t stopped yet. I try to explore the culinary highlights of Berlin and any other place I visit whenever I can.

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