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On the go with your digital workspace

| Julia Pedak

Whether you’re visiting a customer, on a business trip or working from home, digital work takes place everywhere nowadays. But even during maintenance checks and at warehouses or factories, the presence of tablets and other smart devices is also increasing. Doxis4 customers swear by Doxis4 mobileCube. Tailored to their requirements and areas of application, employees have access to documents, data, tasks and processes. Wherever they are, they can access information 24/7 to meet their needs.

Personal dashboards: Information quickly & tailored to you

Employees can use personal dashboards to create their own digital workspace, tailored to their individual requirements. Purchasing can, for example, access supplier portals and contracts, while designers make use of production files and CAD drawings, and HR utilizes personnel and applicant files. Users can pin frequently used functions directly to their dashboard, such as adding new files or filing and searching documents. When Doxis4 is launched, they have their most important information and functions directly at their fingertips — grouped by subject matter and reduced to the essentials in a clear overview.

The activity feed notifies them if new tasks are pending or, for instance, if changes to an order were made. The notifications appear on their dashboard and keep them updated around the clock.

Doxis4 iRoom: Room for collaborative work

Doxis4 iRoom enables users to also map company-wide processes with business partners digitally and securely. Appraisers, suppliers or third-party project partners can receive access to information or work on shared processes. In the shared virtual workspaces, internal and selected external persons will find documents, entire folders, tasks and processes to view and work on. Every project step is documented traceably for all involved – and provides a secure collaboration alternative to emails and uncontrolled file sharing.

Reporting: Up-to-date in one glance

What is the capacity utilization of a specific department? What supplier payments are still pending? How long does the approval process take from start to finish? Department and team managers require this kind of information. Instead of consulting extra reporting tools, Doxis4 provides them with direct access to reports on documents and processes. Doxis4 creates charts that clearly show, for example, which employees are working on which tasks, how quickly customer inquiries are handled or the current levels of contract volumes. In this way, managers can maintain an overview of all processes, which allows them to intervene quickly from anywhere, if necessary — and to do so simply online.

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Julia Pedak

What excites me about Doxis4? All of its many possibilities – which I get to write about in the SERblog. As an SER writer with a Master‘s degree in German Studies, I love writing. I'm always on the look out for the most compelling stories and solutions that will help you advance your digitalization.

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