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Three tips for secure collaboration

| Alexandra Lilienthal

What’s your collaboration strategy when it comes to interdisciplinary teamwork? Are you still sharing files via emails or EFFS platforms? And how do you secure and restrict access in such a scenario? Once files, or any content for that matter, leave your secure content management environment, it’s impossible to keep track of them. We explain below how you can ensure secure cross-team collaboration. Our tips not only apply to large teams working across several locations, but also to teams that work together in one office environment.

1. A common basis of information is key

Create a secure work environment for collaboration with a common basis of information. Make sure all team members have access to this information basis. Security measures must be in place to prevent unauthorized access. Once they are set up, information can be shared freely and securely to facilitate efficient information sharing.

2. Incorporate externals into project teams

virtual project room is an extremely effective means of (tool for?) paving the way for in-house project collaboration and for connecting your ECM system with the “outside” world. The virtual project room incorporates your content and data from the ECM system and enriches it with valuable static and ad hoc processes. Moreover, it easily integrates external team members while keeping all information in one secure place. That way, you can ensure that all knowledge and information from external service providers or suppliers are instantly available to the entire project team — without any friction. What’s more, information is also directly and compliantly archived in your ECM system for future reference.

An access permission set-up makes sure that every project role is assigned the appropriate access rights. In other words, the types of access (read or write; temporary or permanent) are defined and regulated for every project team member.

3. A smooth process

The Doxis4 iRoom, our tool for project collaboration, provides you with more than just a “place” to share information and collaborate, it also supports your entire project management. Information is always up-to-date and project members only work with the latest document versions. They are also notified of deadlines, new or modified documents, milestone achievement and more to ensure that the project runs smoothly and on time.

Find out more in our press release.


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