We are Ready for “Digital India”

| Sivasubramaniam Visweswaran

We are proud to be recognized as “Company of the Month” by CIO Review India. The renowned magazine for IT and related industries has dedicated their July edition to ECM – a clear sign that Digital India is taking up speed.

India is currently undertaking a tremendous shift as the government is filling “Digital India” with life, opening up for new vendors and business models to enter the local market. This benefits not only hardware and internet providers, but also software vendors. A perfect timing to intensify our activities in the Indian market. With all digitization matters on the way, an ECM system is a crucial requirement. Our unified platform for ECM and BPM is a perfect match to fulfill modern requirements of office and knowledge workers to shape the digital workspace. We see great potential in India and the whole APAC region and have a dedicated workforce on the ground. In CIO Review our Managing Director Morad Rhlid and myself are introducing our Doxis4 iECM suite and talk about our aspirations in India and beyond.

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