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Westfalen group turns to digital invoice processing

| Julia Pedak

Paper-free invoice processing? With exactly this goal in mind, the Westfalen group launched an ECM project with Doxis4. It was a success: processing is more productive, efficient and faster. Today, the energy tech company processes 66,000 documents every year and has significantly shortened its lead and processing times.

Previously, the decentralized structure of the Westfalen group, with its wide geographic spread of subsidiaries and one central inbound invoice team based out of Münster in Germany, meant that invoice documents had to wing their way across the country by regular mail. These paper-based processes were a huge hindrance. Ingo Köster, Manager of IT Application Management, Westfalen group remembers: "We started looking into ways to bring down inbound invoice processing times. At the time, invoices would go missing in the mail or arrive after the early payment discount period had ended. We decided to introduce a digital archive with the accompanying workflow." The Westfalen group chose Doxis4 from SER.

Interplay with SAP made easy

The company automated inbound invoice processing using the Doxis4 ECM software. After archiving the invoice documents, invoice-related data from the scanned invoices is automatically extracted and forwarded to SAP for further processing through to posting release. The process works with all invoices, even those sent by email as a PDF attachment. Today, employees no longer spend valuable time searching for invoices and the associated processes. They can now access all documents in digitized format from SAP. This has significantly accelerated their work processes. And with the department now able to provide much more reliable information faster, the number of inquiries from suppliers has also fallen.

ECM system deployed company-wide

All inbound documents requiring digitization –invoices, delivery notes, orders, customer files, meter reading cards, inventory documents and more – now arrive at the Westfalen headquarters in Münster where they are processed digitally. The archived documents are available in all SAP applications at the touch of a button. This solution perfectly supports the business processes of the Westfalen group. The company also deploys additional Doxis4 solutions in other departments to ensure maximum efficiency: "Virtually all of our departments and company areas now use Doxis4, from maintenance to production to sales. The latter in particular makes extensive use of the customer-related documents in the electronic archives," says Ingo Köster.

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Julia Pedak

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