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Chief Tech Talk: "RPA is the machinist and BPM the engineer"

Looking to automate repetitive and time-consuming jobs? More and more companies see robotic process automation as the great white hope — but it has its limitations. In this Chief Tech Talk, CTO Gregor Joeris talks about where RPA is worth the investment and when business process management is the better option.

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 Innovation & Technology

Solve the digital Rubik's Cube with intelligent information management & SAP, Part 2

Digitalization is like a Rubik's Cube: intelligence is key to unlocking the winning sequence of moves. Yet trying to solve it with SAP alone falls short of fulfilling business needs. Part 2 of this article series delves into how IIM automation enhances specific SAP processes.

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| Jair Godschalk

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Document management at Raiffeisen Bank International

Easily find loan agreements, comply with retention periods and data protection laws, cut down on physical storage – a true document management system does this and more. RBI has implemented just such an integrated DMS and digitized many of its processes.

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| Wolfgang Rachbauer

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