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 Customer Stories & Use Cases

5 signs that it’s time to eliminate information silos

Searching for information in different applications is not only time-consuming – it also makes it hard to get an overview of business processes. Here are five signs that it’s time to eliminate information silos and connect content for greater productivity.

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 Innovation & Technology

3 ways AI is revolutionizing banking and financial services in 2021

80% of the banking and finance sector is well aware of the benefits of implementing AI, says a recent study. Which advantages does AI deliver in this highly competitive market? Our expert, Stefan Girmann, offers an in-depth analysis.

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| Stefan Girmann

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

What is the ROI of an automated invoice solution?

Automated invoice processing holds immense savings potential for your business – but how much exactly? And by when would such an investment amortize? We’ve created a practical Return on Investment Calculator that shows you how much you can save and by when.

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| Alexandra Sieron

 Information Governance

What does SOC 2 certification mean for cloud security?

When it comes to security for cloud solutions, trust is good but proof is better. Certifications such as SOC 2 can provide this. Learn more here about this international standard, what it takes for cloud service providers to become certified, and why it is important for your data.

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| Silvia Kunze-Kirschner

 Information Governance

EU GDPR-compliant remote work for SAP users

The switch to remote work in 2020 forced many companies to create workarounds so their employees could access documents and SAP data from home. This also put them at risk of EU GDPR violations. To work securely and efficiently anywhere, both SAP and ECM are critical, says SER Group’s Stefan Zeitzen.

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| Stefan Zeitzen

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