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 Innovation & Technology

From a system of record – to a system of understanding

Ensuring that the right information is available in the right process, and gaining valuable insights from this information are key criteria for a company’s long-term success. Stefan Zeitzen, Managing Director of the SER Group, talks about how ECM and SAP combined make this possible.

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| Stefan Zeitzen

 Information Governance

EU GDPR-compliant remote work for SAP users

The switch to remote work in 2020 forced many companies to create workarounds so their employees could access documents and SAP data from home. This also put them at risk of EU GDPR violations. To work securely and efficiently anywhere, both SAP and ECM are critical, says SER Group’s Stefan Zeitzen.

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| Stefan Zeitzen

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Change management: The path to successful digitalization

How did Europe’s leading hydraulics specialist manage to get employee backing for a major overhaul in the way they work? Nina Orywal, HR Manager at HANSA-FLEX, spoke with us about the role of change management in digitalization projects.

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| Julia Pedak

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