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Business Process Management with Doxis4


Maintain an overview of ongoing processes & tasks.


Speed up processing times & decision-making.


Adapt any process to your current requirements.

One BPM solution for all processes

Across systems, departments and beyond – all processes must be interconnected

Whether it's individual customer service or ongoing invoice verifications, both dynamic and standard processes are key components of every companies' daily business operations. Yet no process is ever completely standardized or spontaneous. Doxis4 Business Process Management (BPM) is the only software that unites all kinds of processes and digitally maps them. The software enables you to organize and work on ad hoc, standardized and automated processes — also combinations of them. Not only are you digitizing your processes, you are also creating the foundation for company-wide digital business processes.

Doxis4 Business Process Management (BPM) ist die einzige Software, die alle Prozesse vereint.

Business Process Management with Doxis4: Your advantages


Company-wide, end-to-end digital processes


Simple & traceable organization of processes with any number of participants


Cross-departmental and -company collaboration


Shorter processing times & fewer routine tasks


Find information directly in tasks & processes


Faster fulfillment of new process requirements

Doxis4 makes it happen

Doxis4 Business Process Management unites all processes in one solution to meet your needs:

  • Ad hoc workflows
  • Structured processes
  • Task management
Business Process Management mit Doxis4 vereint alle Prozesse in einer Lösung.

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It was important for us to be able to depict well-structured and ad hoc processes with only one technology. Doxis4 BPM gives us precisely these hybrid solutions.

Ralf Everding, Application Specialist, IT

Manage structured processes with Doxis4

Many processes follow the same pattern over and over again. With Doxis4 Business Process Management, you can standardize and automate these processes.

Inbound mail

Invoice processing

HR processes

Approvals & releases

Best Practice

Business Process Management with Doxis4

Raffinerie Heide uses Doxis4 Business Process Management to approve all kinds of projects in a secure and effective way.

Business Process Management with Doxis4

This is how Doxis4 supports your knowledge work

Knowledge workers need the freedom to make decisions that go beyond standard processes. With Doxis4 Business Process Management, you can organize tasks spontaneously and tailored to the situation.

Team & project work

Customer service

Change management

Investment requests

Collaboration — everywhere & all the time

When many different people work together on a project, it's crucial to have a high level of organization and transparency.

Did co-worker X already work on this task? Who is responsible for the release? Where are we in the process and which documents belong to it? With Doxis4 Business Process Management, you can manage and maintain an overview of tasks, processes and their related information.

  • Manage tasks, dates & deadlines
  • Clear overview of everyone’s responsibilities, deadlines & progress
  • Manage tasks, dates & deadlines
  • Clear overview of everyone’s responsibilities, deadlines & progress
  • Share information automatically or spontaneously
  • Collaboration beyond departments, languages & countries
  • Share information automatically or spontaneously
  • Collaboration beyond departments, languages & countries
Doxis4 zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Usability aus

Doxis4 is all about usability

The more user-friendly your BPM software is, the more your team will accept it.

Thanks to its easy operability, users are able to quickly get started working with the BPM software. Doxis4 focuses on your needs: intuitive functions make work, also on any device, very straightforward. You will notice the difference in your daily work.


The perfect symbiosis!

Information and processes work hand in hand. So why keep them apart? Check out how Doxis4 unites the two.


More freedom to design your processes

Whether your process is normative or adaptive — Doxis4 Business Process Management digitizes them all:

Set your own standards with unified ECM & BPM

With Doxis4 Business Process Management, you can standardize and automate structured processes. You decide to what extent individual tasks and processes depend on one another; you determine which workflows run automatically. And none of this involves extra programming.

Stay agile

To work flexibly means being able to spontaneously plan and implement tasks situation-based, or even being able to break out of existing processes, if that’s what is needed. Doxis4 gives you the right tools to accomplish this. Workflow management with Doxis4 enables you to easily plan and manage tasks and processes on an ad hoc basis.

Create context

For every process there is so much information that must be effectively utilized to make any progress. In line with the principle of adaptive case management (ACM), Doxis4 Business Process Management bundles case-related files and documents that, for example, are relevant for a service situation. It also brings together related tasks and data from integrated systems.

Combine processes

With Doxis4 Business Process Management, you can model both normative and ad hoc processes with one BPM software, combining both worlds: For example, you want to add further verification steps to your standard invoice process; or you want to turn reoccurring ad hoc workflows from customer service into one normative process. Fast, flexible and with little administrative work.


BPM and ECM united

BPM and ECM united

Processes emerge when information is shared. The hybrid platform Doxis4 brings together what belongs together: BPM and ECM. Doxis4 ensures that processes, tasks, documents and files are seamlessly connected to one another.


Business Process Management with Doxis4: Product highlights

  • ECM and BPM on one technological platform
  • Uniform metadata for all processes
  • Simple process modeling: normative, ad hoc & hybrid
  • Design & build: Create your own processes at any time
  • Comment, search and notification functions
  • Uniform customizing, user and rights management
  • Compliance: transparent documentation & reports
  • Additional easily extendible Doxis4 platform services
Business Process Management with Doxis4: Product highlights

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