Reaching our goal,

Collaboration with Doxis4


Everyone works with the same basis of information & knows the Project status.


Collaborative enterprise work, also with external experts, partners, etc.


Fully protected knowledge & completely documented decisions.

Work from anywhere

Doxis4 connects people.

In the digital business world, your work location is irrelevant. Collaboration must be able to take place at all times and at all places: across departments, with teams scattered around the globe and with external partners. Everyone needs the same reliable basis of information to ensure effective collaboration. Doxis4 gives you this basis — both to organize and work on shared documents, tasks and processes and to ensure security, punctuality and traceability for everyone.

Collaboration an jedem Ort

Collaboration with Doxis4: Your advantages


Location-/time-independent collaboration


Protected & up-to-date basis of information


Flexible & straightforward collaboration management


Virtual workspaces for interdisciplinary teams


Effortless integration of external experts & partners


Fully documented decisions & progress

Collaboration in any constellation

Doxis4 makes it possible to collaborate in so many ways: with other departments, areas and locations of your company; with international project teams; with third parties such as suppliers, project managers, appraisers, experts, and many more.

A secure basis of information in the Doxis4 iRoom

For collaboration to be effective, people need access to the same information.

Whether you are working in an interdisciplinary project team or with a group of external experts: In the Doxis4 iRoom, you and everyone involved have access to the most current information at all times and from anywhere. It's up to you who is allowed to view and work on documents, tasks and processes. This way, your company and its knowledge are always protected. Do you need to know what tasks of your project have been completed or what was decided for the next project step? No problem. Doxis4 keeps track of it all for you to ensure traceability and compliance.

Collaboration leicht gemacht

Collaboration made easy

With the Doxis4 iRoom, it's never been so easy to organize collaborative work.

  • Access documents, tasks and processes online at any time you want.
  • Take advantage of the convenient dashboards with activity feeds, tasks, reports and much more.
  • Collaborate using one software solution in 12 different languages.
  • Invite external parties to join the iRoom via email.
  • Provide information for a limited time.

The Doxis4 iRoom in daily use

The Doxis4 iRoom enables you to create virtual project and data rooms for collaborative work — either as an ongoing solution, for a limited time, or for spontaneously formed teams. Use it in the way that makes the most sense for your situation, e.g.:

To exchange documents with customers, e.g. contracts, invoices, etc.

As a project room to work with external parties, e.g. in construction projects

In supplier management, e.g. integrated into a supplier portal

As a secure deal room for due diligence processes (M&A)


Collaboration in supplier management

Find out how Eissmann Group Automotive uses the Doxis4 iRoom to integrate its more than 1000 international suppliers into processes.

The foundation for collaboration

The fewer tools you use, the easier it is to organize collaborative work with others.

Do you need to get an expert's opinion for one of your projects? With Doxis4, you can spontaneously give notes and related tasks to internal and external project participants. They will directly find all the information they need to act accordingly. What's more, Doxis4 also reminds them of deadlines and dates. Doxis4 brings together essential collaboration functions into one software solution.

Best Practice

Managing large-scale infrastructure projects

From planning and awarding external service providers with projects to handover and billing: Doxis4 helps DEGES to manage its decentralized transportation projects with external providers.

Managing large-scale transportation projects

Collaboration thrives on networking and human interaction

Targeted communication is a must for quick decision processes.

And Doxis4 makes it happen: You can communicate about content directly in a document, a task or a process, which means that your entire correspondence is always in the right context. Does your team also use video conferences, chat tools or social media in daily work? You can integrate Doxis4 into them. This provides you a uniform basis of information for all collaboration tools.

Collaboration with Doxis4: Technical highlights

  • Web-based Doxis4 iRoom, incl. email invitations
  • Jointly share and work on documents, eFiles & processes (also temporarily)
  • Integration: chat tools, video conferences, blogs, wikis, portals, ERP (e.g. SAP), CRM (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Notifications of changes, deadlines & dates
  • Documentation of all changes, accesses, etc.
  • Available in 12 languages
  • Scalable ECM platform: for collaboration throughout your company & beyond
Collaboration with Doxis4: Technical highlights

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