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Information governance and compliance with Doxis4


Information management in line with EU GDPR, data storage requirements, auditability and much more



Protect documents, data and processes in accordance with legal requirements


Fulfill compliance guidelines & provide complete information at all times

Compliance is the top priority

With Doxis4 you can fulfill information governance requirements in a verifiable manner.

EU GDPR, records management requirements, audit security: Compliance has the highest priority when editing, storing and deleting information. Doxis4 enables you to play it safe: You can verifiably fulfill legal information governance requirements, regulatory standards and your internal compliance requirements. Doxis4 is certified on multiple levels and instances. Avoid penalties, financial risks and image damage: With Doxis4, you stay on the safe side when it comes to compliance.

Fulfill information governance requirements with Doxis4: Your benefits


Certified software for secure information management


Audit-proof electronic archiving


Automatic compliance with legal retention periods


Documented access protection for documents, data and processes


Safe storage and deletion of personal data


One solution for managing all compliance requirements


Certified security with Doxis4

Doxis4 is certified to meet numerous domestic and international laws, regulations, norms and standards. This is confirmed by independent, renowned auditors in their certifications and certificates. Find out here which compliance requirements you can meet with Doxis4.

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Extra security

Doxis4 is your solution for information governance: managing tax-related documents, personal data, and a range of other sensitive information and processes.


With Doxis4 you can find and protect all personal data – and always show how it was transferred and deleted. Find out how Doxis4 can help you comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

GoBD »

What do the German Principles of Orderly Accounting require for electronic archiving? What will change with GoBD 2.0? Find out what you need to know about this topic and how to meet all the requirements with Doxis4.


Audit security »

Legal retention periods, immutability, access protection: With Doxis4 you can archive information verifiably and in an audit-proof manner. Learn about the legal requirements you fulfill with this solution.

Verifiably protect information

Doxis4 enables you to store Information securely and according to legal retention periods.

Automated retention periods

Lawmakers prescribe retention periods of up to 10 or even 30 years. Doxis4 saves all the relevant documents, data and processes with automated deletion locks.

Access and mutability protection

Use Doxis4 to control who can view, edit or delete specific information: for documents, folders, eFiles and workflows.

Seamless documentation

The Doxis4 audit trail logs all access and modifications to information – and proves that it has not been manipulated.

Proper structure

An ISO-compliant file structure, a documented file plan: With Doxis4, you fulfill structural specifications while storing all information.

Best practices

Fulfill compliance requirements group-wide

Data protection, law, corporate security: Deutsche Bahn trusts Doxis4 in all its information governance matters. Find out here how the Group demonstrably and securely manages its information.

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Minimum effort, maximum compliance

Doxis4 makes it easy to fulfill information governance requirements across the enterprise.

With Doxis4 you can meet compliance requirements for all information and in all areas of the company. This means less time and resources and ensures consistently secure information management.

  • Authorizations, deletion locks, etc. for all documents, files and processeserechtigungen
  • Central administration of roles and tenants
  • Information management & compliance documentation in one software
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Document management, digital processes, collaboration: Across the enterprise, Doxis4 provides secure digital solutions that meet your information governance needs in one single solution. 

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