Invoice processing with Doxis

With Doxis, you can process, verify and post inbound invoices – also fully automatically. This saves you time and costs for manual processing, shortens throughput and reduces risks such as missed payment and discount deadlines. With a turnkey Doxis solution, you can start to optimize your invoice processing immediately thanks to the machine-learning technology integrated into the solution.

The key benefits at a glance

Faster processing

Invoices in all formats are scanned, processed, verified and posted automatically – in SAP or any other ERP system

Transparency over risk

Doxis shows you the status of all invoices at a glance in the digital ledger and notifies you automatically about all payments and discount deadlines.


With Doxis you can process invoices – including eInvoices – in line with legal requirements, comply automatically with retention periods, and archive all documents in an audit-proof way.

Doxis intelligent invoice automation

  • Automatic verification, release and posting processes
  • Machine-learning technology: constantly improving results
  • For invoices with and without a reference to a purchase order
  • For all formats: Paper, PDF, XML, eInvoice formats
  • Deep integration in SAP & connection to any ERP & financial accounting system
  • Digital invoice ledger
  • Integrated data warehouse with extensive reports
  • Supports a wide range of currencies and up to 13 languages

We have the answers!

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We’ve significantly accelerated our invoice processing with Doxis. Now we have better liquidity planning, meet our payment deadlines and take advantage of cash discounts.

Günter Holst, Head of Quality & Project Management, AviationPowerGroup

Introducing intelligent invoice automation for tourism invoices with a PO reference enabled us to reduce freight costs by around 57%.

Johannes Müller-Baltes, Head of Financing & Accounting, DER Touristik

The SER solution generates significant added value and minimizes the risk of having to pay VAT in the input tax range.

Britta Krohmer, Head of Financial Accounting, Eissmann Group Automotive

Certified SAP expertise

  • Verify, post and approve documents directly in SAP with Doxis
  • Release invoices using SAP Fiori and SAP Classic UI
  • Access purchase orders, documents and business partners in SAP
  • Archive all SAP data and documents in line with audit requirements

Streamline additional processes!

What enhances inbound invoice processing can also help many other processes in accounting and procurement: Doxis enables you to automate the purchase-to-pay process, e.g. processing order confirmations, verifying goods receipt, handling complaints and archiving all relevant documents in line with audit requirements. This ensures you benefit from more transparency and shorter throughput times across multiple processes.

  • Learn more about automation in the purchase-to-pay process with Doxis.

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Learn how Doxis can help you automate your inbound invoice management and other processes in accounting and procurement: We’d be pleased to give you a live demo of Doxis – online or at your company. We look forward to hearing from you!