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Document management with Doxis4


Archive, find, replace & edit documents


Digitize document-driven processes throughout the company


Manage documents quickly, transparently & securely

End-to-end digital document management

Doxis4 document management is the foundation for company-wide digitalization.

Say goodbye to paper, floating files, email attachments and file directories! Contracts, orders, invoices, etc. are all managed digitally with Doxis4. You’ll find every document in the right context; all edits are logged and transparent. Doxis4 manages versions of each modified document. Do you want to replace or approve a document? Simply use the crystal-clear workflows of Doxis4: They enable you to manage documents beyond your own department or even outside of your company. This forms the basis for end-to-end digital processes.

Document management with Doxis4: Your benefits


Find documents in the right context – immediately


Version management: Get an overview of all current and past versions


Simultaneously work on documents


Audit trail generated for all document accesses & changes


Manage documents digitally & company-wide


Automatically meet retention periods & deletion deadlines

Best practice

Higher efficiency & better service with modern DMS

For the insurance provider DEVK, which processes over 2,000 claims a day and covers 13 million different perils, modernizing its case-centric document management system (DMS) with Doxis4 had a meaningful impact: higher efficiency, better customer service, and faster document processing.


Search less, find more

Doxis4 provides all of your information in the right context. This significantly speeds up and streamlines processes.


Keyword, full-text or a combination of both: Doxis4 enables you to find every document – with enterprise search, you can even search through other archives and repositories throughout the company.


Doxis4 keeps track of all changes in documents through version management. This means you immediately see the most current version of, e.g. a project plan. You can also find older versions quickly and at any time.


Doxis4 electronic files bring together information in their business context, e.g. contracts, orders, emails or even processes related to a customer or supplier.


Text files, images, PDFs, electronic signatures: The Doxis4 viewer displays over 250 file formats. Simply scroll through the preview – without having to install the original application.


What does DMS mean?

A document management system is more than just a digital replication of your documents. Find out for yourself how Doxis4 helps you to manage your documents.

Streamline document work

With Doxis4, your document management is fully digitized.

Intelligent filing

Intelligent information management with Doxis4 supports you when filing new documents with its straightforward filing dialogs and automatic context classification.

Add-ins for Microsoft

Doxis4 add-ins give you ECM functions such as search and file directly in Microsoft Office and Outlook, IBM Notes, etc. Doxis4 templates help you to quickly create new documents.


You can add digital comments and notes to documents with Doxis4. The original document remains untouched. Doxis4 factors in this information when searching.


The path to company-wide document management

The path to company-wide document management

The days of managing documents in emails, filing systems and tedious file searches are relics of the past. Take the lead from Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway corporation: Follow their innovative track to establishing company-wide digital document management.


Document management digitizes processes

Invoice verification, contract approval, service cases: With Doxis4, you can manage documents in every business process digitally.

Document-driven processes

Take advantage of workflows to automatically manage review and approval processes.

Internal & external collaboration

Securely exchange documents with other business units and business partners.

Deadline management & follow-up

Doxis4 can automatically send you deadline reminders and the related documents ahead of time.

Notification of updates

Subscribe to documents and processes: Doxis4 will notify you automatically of all changes.

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Security with every document

With Doxis4, you can transparently and compliantly manage documents.

Who is allowed to view or modify which document? Doxis4 enables you to clearly define this. This means you can demonstrably meet legal and internal compliance regulations:

  • Protect documents from unauthorized accesses
  • Maintain a clear overview of changes with the audit trail
  • Meet legal retention periodsand deletion deadlines automatically

Information life-cycle management

Document creation & editing, retention & deletion deadlines, deletion locks: It’s possible to manage the entire life cycle of a document with Doxis4. The certified software offers security and peace of mind in your retention management.

High availability

Frequently used documents, even when they are accessed by thousands of users at the same time, are quickly identified by Doxis4 and provided immediately.


Doxis4 archives documents in long-term formats such as PDF/A, TIFF or in the original format. This means they are readable also after the 30-year retention period.


Doxis4 automatically keeps seldom-used documents such as paid invoices in a cost-effective storage.

Platform bonus

Doxis4 can do more!

Take advantage of the platform potential: With Doxis4, you can create company-wide solutions that work in perfect harmony – the foundation for digital business processes throughout your company.

Document management with Doxis4: Technical highlights

  • Search using combinable metadata & full text
  • Integration in Microsoft Office, incl. template management
  • Versioning: Main & working versions
  • Managing several renditions in one document
  • Annotations & annotation overview
  • Viewer displays over 250 file formats
  • Automatic notifications: modifications & deadlines
  • Protection from access, modifications & deletion for documents, versions, renditions & files
  • Documentation per audit trail
  • Can be extended into company-wide ECM
Document management with Doxis4: Technical highlights

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