1, 2, 3 – ready without programming

Doxis4 customizing & roll-out


Configure, adapt & expand ECM, BPM & collaboration applications easily yourself


Design everything in one app: compliance, project rooms, processes & mobile workflows


Configure once and roll out immediately for Windows, web & mobile – even in the cloud

Easy customizing and fast roll-out

Doxis4 lets you be the designer – even without programming knowledge.

No two companies are alike. Business models and processes sometimes differ considerably, even within one industry. You can’t just buy off-the-peg software that digitizes the way you work and improves your business processes. Standards are important and good for a quick start. Flexibility on a solid basis is better. Doxis4 has unique adaptability – even in the cloud. With Doxis4, you achieve company-wide success for your information management, instead of reinventing the wheel with every application.

Doxis4 customizing: Your benefits


Fast time-to-market using templates & solution packages


Easy customizing by admins & power users


Expand & scale without limits – applications, users & volumes


Convenient configuration instead of time-consuming programming


Secure design, testing and provisioning during operation


Roll out individual applications in multiple languages

Quick to launch – easy to build on

Standard solutions and best practice templates are available, which you can adapt easily to your needs, enabling you to benefit quickly from Doxis4.

To get your ECM, BPM and collaboration applications up and running quickly, use our wide range of standardized solutions and flexible templates. All Doxis4 standard solutions are quick to install and are immediately ready for use. The business templates are based on our practical experience gained from more than 2,000 customer projects in various industries. All pre-configured templates can be easily adapted to your individual requirements and rolled out conveniently via transport packages. This is the major advantage of the comprehensive Doxis4 platform: All basic components are already installed with the first application – simply add further department solutions, company-wide processes or project rooms as required.

Doxis4 Standard-Lösungen & Templates

Best Practice

Master template ensures fast projects

DB-Systel, the IT service provider for Deutsche Bahn, has created a group-wide uniform ECM infrastructure with Bahn Content Management (BCM) based on the Doxis4 platform. More than 40 individual solutions have now been created on this basis. Learn more about how DB-Systel quickly rolls out new solutions in the DB Group using a master template.

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Design once – roll out anywhere

Configure rather than program: Design, modify and maintain your Doxis4 solutions quickly and easily in a graphical user interface.

Who knows the requirements of your ECM, BPM and collaboration solutions better than your company's own experts? The Doxis4 cubeDesigner is a low-code development platform, which your IT and other departments can use to singlehandedly design, configure and maintain all Doxis4 apps without programming. The integrated transport system enables you to easily roll out complete applications or single updates: in several stages, e.g. from development to test systems and into production systems, and throughout multiple tenants. Doxis4 automatically supplies all information about the individual configuration for your procedural documentation.

Easily customize and roll-out Doxis4

Best Practice

Business Process Management with Doxis4 at Raffinerie Heide

Low-code development with Doxis4 in practice

At Raffinerie Heide, the IT and other departments can individually design, configure and maintain new applications – without complex programming. Learn more about how Raffinerie Heide uses this competitive advantage to implement business requirements quickly.

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Design freedom & speed

Doxis4 gives you the design options you want at the speed you need today.

Stay agile

Simple and flexible adaptability is one of the great strengths of Doxis4. With the unique customizing capability, you not only design individual solutions, but also adapt them to changing processes or business requirements at any time.

Choose your own path

The choice is yours: let SER design your ECM, BPM and collaboration solutions with Doxis4 cubeDesigner and/or design, maintain and manage them easily yourself using the same convenient low-code app.

Save time

With Doxis4 cubeDesigner, configuration is a one-time deal: for all Doxis4 clients, Doxis4 add-ins (e.g. for Microsoft Office), for your own clients, and a wide range of portal integrations. This saves a lot of time and ensures quality – from the first project onwards.

Safeguard interruption-free operation

Doxis4 supports multilevel systems (e.g. development, test and production). Implement, test and roll out complete solutions, individual adjustments or updates easily – without interrupting operation.

Doxis4 customizing: Technical highlights

  • Graphical design client for all Doxis4 applications & clients
  • Design ECM, BPM & collaboration applications consistently –
    even in the cloud
  • Document management, eFiles & processes in one application
  • Uniform metadata & permissions
  • Convenient low-code development environment
  • Optional extensive scripting options
  • Strict separation between system & technical administration
  • Integrated transport system
Doxis4 customizing: Technical highlights

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