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Electronic archiving with Doxis4


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Uniform. Consistent. Transparent.


Anytime. Anywhere. Secure.

Locate: everything — everywhere — immediately

From single decisions to entire business processes, nothing happens without information.

Do you have to make well-founded decisions and statements on short notice? Then you need immediate access to the right information. With Doxis4 electronic archiving, no information is lost. You can store all of your documents, data and files from throughout the company centrally and in a reliable and audit-proof manner. No matter where your information is located, you'll find it right away and context-related.

Electronic archiving with Doxis4: Your advantages


Fast & easy archiving


Access to information: constant, everywhere


Audit-proof document storage


Consistently file any information or format


End-to-end information transparency


Vigilant documentation & compliance

One archive for everything

A company-wide digital archive makes information available anywhere you are.

Nobody can afford to waste their time nowadays searching for information. With Doxis4, you are always able to find digitally archived content directly and without fuss. No more sifting through applications, individual emails and file directories. The information you need for your work is readily accessible: the most current version of a contract, correspondences with customers and suppliers, invoices, and so much more. You don't need to have insider knowledge of information sources or keep colleagues from other departments on speed-dial anymore to request a file.

Ein Elektronisches Archiv für alles

Electronic archiving for all information

Doxis4 can display over 250 file formats in one viewer program — regardless of the device screen size.

Elektronische Archivierung für alle Informationen

Electronic archiving — it's never been so easy

Process digitalization is a crucial component of digital transformation.

How does information get into the electronic archive? That's easy: Doxis4 suggests a customer, process or project context to which you can assign documents. Defined retention periods and access permissions automatically are triggered and protect your data from loss and misuse. Doxis4 recognizes which documents have already been archived and consequently prevents duplicate filing.

How can the Doxis4 electronic archive help your business?

There are so many use cases for electronic archiving. Here are some of them:

Document, process & file archiving

Department-specific archives, e.g. for Accounting, HR, etc.

Data archiving, e.g. for SAP archiving

Long-term archiving

Global corporate archives

Early & late scanning and archiving

Best practice video

An archive that grows according to your needs

Find out how Fraport is continuously extending its electronic archive: from a department archive to a company-wide archive.

From the application into the archive

Doxis4 automatically archives for you documents and data from all applications, including special use cases

Document archiving »

Email archiving »

SharePoint archiving »

No compromises in audit security

Take no risks when it comes to your information security.

As a multinational company, you have to meet both domestic and international legal guidelines for audit-proof archiving. Information subject to retention must be securely, completely and immutably managed without losses and according to legal requirements. Most of all, you have to be able to find your information at all times. Electronic archiving with Doxis4 is certified to meet these requirements: Your company can fulfill them and demonstrate compliance at any time.


Want to learn more about EU GDPR-compliant archiving?

In this brochure, you can find out how to store documents in an audit-proof way according to the latest EU GDPR requirements.

Want to learn more about EU GDPR-compliant archiving?

Security pays off

Electronic archiving is the foundation for proven compliance. It documents your decisions, your actions and your processes. What's more, you must ensure that information remains immutable, is readable and can be analyzed. With certified archiving software Doxis4, you can fulfill legal requirements and standards, e.g. for:

Grow all you want

Electronic archiving with Doxis4 scales with your business — as a mid-sized firm, large company or international corporation.

How many documents fit in an archive? As many as you want with Doxis4. The flexible archiving software scales dynamically with your business. No matter if you have 10,000 or 10 billion documents, 50 or 50,000 employees. With only one installation, all of your company's worldwide locations can work with the same archiving system. Everyone has access to all the information they need 24/7. Thanks to flexible scaling, you cut down on costs and complexity. Regardless of which industry you work in, Doxis4 enables you to meet new business requirements with ease.

Best Practice

From delivery note archiving to global corporate archive

From delivery note archiving to global corporate archive

Find out how DHL Express successfully runs one of the biggest commercial document archives in the world.


Electronic archiving with Doxis4: Product highlights

  • Suitable for all archiving use cases
  • Freely definable metadata for filing, searching and much more
  • Freely combinable search functions: Full text & metadata
  • SoftWORM protection (Doxis4 safeLock)
  • Multitenant-capable archive
  • Automated retention management, incl. deletion locks
  • Compatible with all common storage systems: NAS/SAN, EMC², IBM, NetApp, cloud solutions, and many more
  • Can be extended into company-wide ECM
Electronic archiving with Doxis4: Product highlights

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