Business process management (BPM)

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What is BPM?

BPM, or business process management, refers to the methods and largely software-assisted methods for observing, analyzing, adapting, modeling and monitoring diverse business processes. The aim is to ensure smooth-running, continually optimized workflows and the transfer of information in companies.

The Doxis4 business process management platform by SER offers a fully mature software solution that will help you enhance the efficiency of your structured processes, ad hoc workflows and document-driven task management.

The advantages of business process management with Doxis4


Manage routine, highly structured processes as well as unstructured, derived processes


Integrate standardized and knowledge-based processes


Respond to process changes rapidly and as the situation demands


Manage complex, information-centric workflows


Efficiently structure tasks that involve high processing times and multiple team members


Plan and optimize processes long term

The advantages of Doxis4:


  • Shorten processing and lead times
  • Integrate ECM and BPM on one central platform
  • Manage and combine automated and situative processes
  • Access information and business processes company-wide
  • Gain an information advantage with context-based process knowledge
  • Benefit from replicable process knowledge
  • Enhance transparency in business processes
  • Quickly respond to changes in process management

Want to find out more about BPM with Doxis4? Visit our business process management page for further details »

Business Process Management mit Doxis4 vereint alle Prozesse in einer Lösung.

Specific ways BPM can optimize your business processes

Business process management is an incredibly multifaceted field and goes by many different names. More information about the various BPM disciplines can be found on the following pages:

Adaptive case management »

Greater flexibility in business processes thanks to the right information in the right context

Task & case processing »

Complete ad hoc tasks and processes quickly

Automated business processes »

Full or partial process standardization


Great reasons for process automation with the Doxis4 BPM solution

Take your digital business transformation to the next level. Find out more about the innovative potential that Doxis4 brings into your digital business process and information management. We were the first ECM vendor to unite ECM and BPM on one unified service-oriented technological platform.

Agile business processes have drastically changed the requirements of companies: Modern BPM tools need to be easily, quickly and intuitively adaptable to each task. The new Doxis4 BPM solution makes this a reality and offers all kinds of extra benefits for automating your business processes. We have rounded up a dozen of them for you here.

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Great reasons for process automation with the Doxis4 BPM solution

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BPM & the digital transformation

While automation was and continues to be the driving force of the digital transformation, today, the spotlight is increasingly shifting to interaction between people, systems, functions and companies. Modern BPM solutions support business processes from end to end — from order and production, contact with customers and business partners, to service. As the digital transformation takes shape, the demands on BPM solutions continue to change: On the one hand, with standardized paperless tasks now even simpler than ever to automate, they can be executed more rapidly and efficiently than before.

The result is a smooth-running, autonomous process that requires virtually zero human intervention. On the other hand, while the role of knowledge-based working in business is growing, it cannot be corseted by rigid models and is reliant on human experience. Given this, the challenge is to incorporate the flexibility knowledge workers need to intervene in processes when the situation demands.

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