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Collaboration with the Doxis® iRoom®

Julia Pedak

For years now, Eissmann Group Automotive has been using digital supplier files in Doxis. With the Doxis® iRoom®, a virtual project room, the company has added a supplier portal where suppliers and buyers can work together efficiently and effectively. Suppliers now have a space to upload their certificates and provide inventories of their tools. Eissmann Group Automotive also has new options for quality management with the integrated supplier reviews.

Tradition and innovation are the cornerstones of the automotive supplier Eissmann Group Automotive, which has been a success story for over 50 years now. As a part of its ECM strategy, Eissmann Group Automotive aims to facilitate efficient and IT-supported work procedures throughout the company. This includes making information completely available in all business processes. For this reason, Eissmann Group Automotive has been using a fully integrated technology platform for information, the Doxis iECM suite, since 2012. The company has implemented its ECM strategy gradually in all areas of the company with an electronic archive, a document management system, digital files, and automated, SAP-integrated inbound invoice processing.

The first step — supplier files

The first ECM project launched the supplier files, which contain all supplier information such as orders, delivery receipts, invoices, price information, communication and contracts and make them readily available. With over 125 document types and more than 1.4 Mio. documents, it is a clear advantage for Eissmann to have a clear and quick means of searching eFiles in its order processing.

More effective collaboration with suppliers

The supplier files have gained a whole new dimension with the web-based Doxis® iRoom®, which provides them location-independent access at any time to supply process information. Suppliers are invited per email to access the protected Doxis® iRoom® via the Doxis web client — no software installation is necessary. With a differentiated authorization concept, suppliers only have access to their own records. They can upload documents intended for Eissmann Group Automotive or retrieve information provided by Eissmann Group Automotive.

Digital certificate management

Eissmann Group Automotive requires that its suppliers always provide up-to-date and valid certificates. Suppliers can now directly upload their latest certificates via the Doxis® iRoom® instead of sending them in an email or per mail. Doxis also automatically sends suppliers renewal reminders per email when a certificate is about to expire. If the supplier fails to upload a new certificate by the expiration date, Doxis automatically notifies the purchasing department, so that the appropriate steps can be taken. This means that no invalid certificates are overlooked and the update can be completed in one click.

Virtual tool inventories

If Eissmann Group Automotive orders a new tool, the supplier receives an email with a link to the Doxis® iRoom®. Here the supplier will find the order specifications and images of the tool. The suppliers are required to label the tools they deliver with an inventory number. As soon as this happens, the corresponding pictures can be taken as proof and then uploaded in the Doxis® iRoom® for the team. No time is lost in the inventory process.

Higher quality through supplier reviews

The ability to deliver on time, in high quality and in the quantities needed are important prerequisites for Eissmann Group Automotive to guarantee its customers high quality. That's why it regularly reviews its suppliers. The results and the document date are on the supplier record cover sheet. Suppliers can view Eissmann Group Automotive's reviews of them in the Doxis® iRoom®. Doxis automatically sends the suppliers notifications about the updated data, which they can acknowledge and, if needed, to which they can add comments and questions about the review. Consequently, the performance of the suppliers is always transparent and up-to-date for Eissmann Group Automotive.

For more information about the Doxis® iRoom® solution at Eissmann Group Automotive, check out the video in the SER media library here:

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