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 Information Governance

What is records management and why is it important?

According to an IDC study, data professionals lose up to 30% of their time each week searching for, governing, and preparing data. These numbers are particularly problematic when managing records — the documents and information organizations need to store for regulatory, compliance, and governance reasons.

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 Innovation & Technology

7 information management trends for the new digital workplace of 2021

What are the information management trends of 2021 that will help you to accelerate digitalization in an immediate, pragmatic and sustainable way, but also support your recovery from the challenges of the past year? Here are 7 trends for the new digital workplace of 2021.

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Maureen Cueppers

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Happy employees, less effort: The Doxis sick leave workflow

Taking sick leave is a prospect neither employees nor companies relish. Removing some of the red tape for both sides means one less thing to worry about. With Doxis you automate the entire sick leave process: from submitting sick notes via a mobile device to processing and audit-proof archiving.

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Iris Zarbock

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