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5 reasons for automated invoice processing that might surprise you

Reducing costs and labor, speeding up throughput, meeting discount deadlines – these are the main reasons many companies decide to automate invoice processes. However, there are other benefits that might surprise you. Find out what they are here.

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 Innovation & Technology

7 information management trends for the new digital workplace of 2021

What are the information management trends of 2021 that will help you to accelerate digitalization in an immediate, pragmatic and sustainable way, but also support your recovery from the challenges of the past year? Here are 7 trends for the new digital workplace of 2021.

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Maureen Cueppers

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Kombiverkehr and Doxis SaaS – information management in logistics

European logistics firm Kombiverkehr helps customers to avoid hassles by shipping via rail and road. Supported by digital logistics processes with Doxis SaaS, Kombiverkehr has been able to withstand and thrive in the current pandemic to serve customers continuous top-notch service. Learn more.

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Julia Pedak

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

Purchase-to-pay with Doxis: End-to-end automation in five steps

Improved transparency in procurement and accounting, better production and liquidity planning – companies are increasingly automating their P2P process to benefit from end-to-end solutions. SAP and Doxis are making this possible.

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Marc Volquardsen

 Customer Stories & Use Cases

New: Doxis module for the purchase-to-pay process

Inbound invoice automation has long been part of the Doxis portfolio. Now, you can use intelligent automation in another purchase-to-pay process: Automate your order confirmation processes, see deviations immediately and respond promptly — for just-in-time goods deliveries!

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Björn Helmholz

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