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Doxis News: Accelerate your business with Doxis Fast Starters & more

In spring 2023, we offer our customers many Intelligent Content Automation highlights, such as the Doxis Fast Starters and Doxi, your new Doxis Intelligent Content Assistant. Read on to learn what this is all about and what awaits you in Doxis 23.1.

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Bärbel Heuser-Roth


Meet Doxi, your smart content assistant – and a new, cutting-edge SER brand

SER has reached some huge milestones this year – and here’s the next one! Meet Doxi, your smart content assistant! Doxi is a part of an exciting new product era and a whole new brand story for SER! Learn more about what this fresh, cutting-edge brand means for SER and its customers.

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Maureen Cueppers

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