Brochure: DMS for insurance providers

Manage policyholder documents, files & cases with Doxis4

DMS for insurance providers

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Better service with process-centric DMS

Processing applications, policies, damage reports, claims and more involves a lot of paperwork. Added to this, policyholders expect the same immediate response they are used to when shopping online. With process-centric document management, you steer all inbound documents directly to the right clerk. Processing begins quickly and claims are settled the same day. In parallel, you can respond to policyholder inquiries rapidly at any time — a service advantage that sets you apart from other insurers.

In this brochure, you learn

  • How process-centric DMS expedites your response times
  • How Doxis4 lets you digitally steer & process inbound documents from the moment they arrive
  • How eFiles give you a 360° view of policyholders & claims
  • Which Doxis4 solutions help you meet data protection & archiving requirements