Fact Sheet: Doxis SmartBridge for Salesforce

Seamless integration of Doxis & SAP

Doxis SmartBridge for SAP: SAP integration via standard functions

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Bridging the gap between Doxis ECM & SAP

Doxis SmartBridge for SAP is an SAP connector that integrates Doxis and SAP. Doxis SmartBridge for SAP indexes documents that were archived via ArchiveLink to facilitate searches both within and outside of SAP, and assigns documents to eFiles and processes in Doxis.

In this fact sheet, you learn

  • How Doxis reacts to SAP events — without ABAP programming
  • How to jump directly to Doxis via the SAP user interface
  • How the follow-up indexing of ArchiveLink documents benefits you
  • How to link SAP transactions with documents in Doxis