Customer Story: Eissmann Group Automotive

Doxis4® "iRoom® – Eissmann Supplier Platform as a Service"

Eissmann Group Automotive: Doxis4<sup>®</sup> iRoom<sup>®</sup> for supplier management

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Collaboration works!

Eissmann Group Automotive works with several thousand suppliers worldwide and actively involves them in its processes thanks to the Doxis4 collaboration solution "Doxis4® iRoom® – Eissmann Supplier Platform as a Service." Transparent supplier management in the virtual project room expedites the exchange of information and simplifies quality control for the automotive supplier.

In our case study, you learn

  • How the collaboration solution benefits buyers & suppliers
  • How the company uses the Doxis4® iRoom® in conjunction with its supplier files
  • How suppliers upload certificates to the Doxis4® iRoom®, how the Doxis4® iRoom® simplifies supplier assessments, and much more
  • Which awards the collaboration solution has won