Brochure: 12x better

Flexible eFile solutions with Doxis4

12x better: Flexible eFile solutions with Doxis4

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Your Doxis4 platform bonus

Electronic files with Doxis4 are much more than just digital versions of their paper-based counterparts: With eFiles, you lay the foundation for transparent business processes. eFiles give you a 360° view of customers, business partners, clients, renters and much more. It's the basis for your daily work and cross-discplinary processes. We have rounded up 12 reasons why eFile solutions with Doxis4 are well worth the investment.

In this brochure, you learn

  • How eFiles based on the Doxis4 platform are much more than just storage solutions
  • Examples of how Doxis4 eFiles are used company-wide
  • Whether eFiles can benefit your business — checklist included
  • 12 reasons why you should roll out eFiles with Doxis4