White Paper: Industry 4.0 — why so many companies fail

The challenges of digitalization

Industry 4.0 — why so many companies fail

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Information as a production factor

Everyone's talking about Industry 4.0. But why do so many industrial firms fail to make their digital transformation a success? Why is digitalization such a challenge? Companies with successful approaches to their digitalization strategies use both digital processes and — most importantly — information stores in a way that enhances profitability. This is where the Doxis4 Digital Workspace comes in. It lays the necessary foundation for companies to benefit from growth potential and the billions in profits of Industry 4.0.

In this white paper, you learn

  • Why smart production needs intelligent information management
  • Which competitive benefits you secure by utilizing information as a production factor
  • How to keep your business processes intelligent & agile with the Doxis4 Digital Workspace
  • Where IT security & quality management has some catching up to do