Doxis InboundCenter Admin (SLX)

2 days, 1st day: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 2nd day: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Content of the training "Doxis InboundCenter Admin (SLX)"

Target Group: IT administrators, Project developer and Partners

The Doxis InboundCenter Admin (SLX) course is designed for administrators who maintain the system and for consultants who want to implement Doxis InboundCenter for a customer. Participants gain a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of automatic classification and extraction of relevant document contents. You will learn to define, test and transfer a Doxis InboundCenter (SLX) project into the production environment. You can create a validation client and postprocess the documents. The Doxis InboundCenter Admin (SLX) course is the ideal complement to the Doxis InvoiceMaster Read (SLX) course.

Web Tue, Oct 18 - 19, 2022 Oct 18 - 19, 2022


Price of participants 1 through 3: €1,400 per person

Price for each additional participant: €1,000 per person


  • Knowledge: User Basics Windows Operating Systems
  • SERacademy training modules: -
  • Recommended in-depth training: Doxis Capture, Doxis InvoiceMaster Read (SLX)


  • Integration of Doxis InboundCenter (SLX) in Doxis Capture
  • Detailed overview of the ProjectDesigner and validation modules
  • Classification methods and rules
  • Setup and training of the classification based on sample invoices and incoming email
  • Extraction methods
  • Setup and training of data extraction with different extraction methods
  • Setup of postprocessing with validation client
  • Synchronization with Doxis Capture and setup of an automatic project flow
  • Administration and error analysis

Strengthen your knowledge in the SERacademy Virtual Lab!

Continue practicing with Doxis after your training in the Virtuel Lab Plus with a personal trainer and Q&A forum. You may book your package when registering for the training or up to 2 months later:


SERacademy Virtual Lab Basic

€300.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab

SERacademy Virtual Lab Plus

€600.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab
  • Personal coach
  • Q&A forum


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