Doxis4 Intelligent Invoice Automation (DIIA)

self-study course and 3 days, 1st day: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, following days: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Target Group: IT administrators, project developers, partners and SER employees

Doxis4 Intelligent Invoice Automation (DIIA) automatically processes all invoices before entering the target system via Doxis4. After the classification and extraction of the documents, an invoice verification workflow using automated agents is used. This process is discussed in detail in the training, which requires knowledge gained from the trainings Doxis4 CSB Functional Administration, Doxis4 BPM and Doxis4 Agent Service.

The Doxis4 Intelligent Invoice Automation course is designed for administrators who support the system as well as consultants who want to implement Doxis4 Intelligent Invoice Automation at the customer. You will receive a comprehensive overview of invoice processing and customizing the interface.

Web Tue, Oct 11 - 13, 2022 Oct 11 - 13, 2022


Price of participants 1 through 3: €2,100 per person

Price for each additional participant: €1,500 per person


  • Knowledge: User Basics Windows Operating Systems
  • SERacademy training modules: Doxis4 Functional Administration, Doxis4 BPM, Doxis4 Agent Service
  • Recommended in-depth training: Doxis4 Classification & Extraction Service (DCES), Doxis4 Classification Designer


  • Theoretical (preparation as self-study course by eLearning):
  • Invoices (fields, with and without purchase order and various types of invoices)
  • Invoice process (validation and verification)
  • Definition of terms
  • Practically (3 days training):
  • Invoice import
  • Invoice reading with the help of DCES
  • Invoice verification (invoices with purchase order and without purchase order)
  • Invoice workflow and agents
  • Customizing (fields, field groups, parsers, formatters, value finders, search dialogs, translations, actions and validations)
  • Introduction to Doxis4 Intelligent Invoice Automation scripting DCES architecture

Strengthen your knowledge in the SERacademy Virtual Lab!

Continue practicing with Doxis4 after your training in the Virtuel Lab Plus with a personal trainer and Q&A forum. You may book your package when registering for the training or up to 2 months later:


SERacademy Virtual Lab Basic

€300.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab

SERacademy Virtual Lab Plus

€600.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab
  • Personal coach
  • Q&A forum


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