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Unlock content across your business and turbocharge your Return on Information

Do you find it difficult to locate content stored across your business? Are you and your team wasting time sharing content over email and becoming lost at what the status us? Then Doxis Intelligent Content Automation can help you! As organizations become more and more digitally focused, content is being stored in many applications across the business, creating siloes and making it difficult for business to be agile and act fast. This is where Doxis comes in! Our platform helps you access all your content wherever it is stored across your business and automates processes with content stored across multiple applications.

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In this webinar, you will learn:

How to easily access content wherever it is stored in your business

How to use Doxis while working inside SAP, Salesforce and Office 365

How to automate processes across SAP, Salesforce and Office 365

The return on information (ROI) you gain by implementing Doxis across your business

Max Gerrard

My name is Max and I am an experienced software evangelist, solution engineer and customer success leader with a passion for high-quality software and outstanding customer service. I am on a mission to revolutionise the content services platform industry through SER’s leading Intelligent Content Automation solution. I head the Solution Engineering team and help people who use SER products to achieve their business objectives.

My strengths are in creating simple solutions to complex problems for our customers, building and leading teams, and making things happen. I have a broad range of technical knowledge (e.g. in networking, databases, coding, APIs, mobile development environments and user experience) and extensive market experience in the healthcare, gaming, defence, media, retail and financial services sectors.

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