Customer video: Doxis4 at Bernard Krone Holding

End-to-end information logistics with ECM

Bernard Krone Holding: End-to-end information logistics

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Global process efficiency

Both logistics and agriculture require perfectly synchronized processes. This is crucial to maintaining top speed and efficiency. As one of the largest manufacturers of commercial trailers and agricultural machinery, Bernard Krone has established this high level of efficiency in its company-wide processes with Doxis4. With cross-disciplinary workflows and the availability of information company-wide, employees can effortlessly collaborate across locations and even internationally.

This video demonstrates

  • Why & how the Krone Group is phasing out information silos — with Doxis4
  • How employees benefit from a 360° view of customers & suppliers
  • How the company benefits from cross-disciplinary processes (e.g. for onboarding)
  • How the accounting team processes invoices swiftly & transparently with Doxis4