Brochure: Doxis4 Contract Management

Transparently & securely manage your contracts with ECM

Doxis4 Contract Management

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Strategic contract management

Customer and supplier relationships, framework agreements, licenses and employment contracts: Not only is the number of contracts in companies growing — so is their complexity. The applicable compliance requirements make contract management a strategically important responsibility — one that needs a uniform company-wide solution. With Doxis4, you manage all contracts digitally and ensure they are handled correctly, transparently, securely and in full across the entire company.

In this brochure, you learn

  • Which challenges you overcome with digital contract management
  • Examples of company-wide Doxis4 contract management in use
  • 12 ways that Doxis4 Contract Management benefits your company
  • Which other company-wide Doxis4 solutions are quick & easy to roll out