Customer video: Doxis4 at Eissmann Group Automotive

Company-wide ECM strategy

Eissmann Group Auto­motive: Company-wide ECM strategy

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Zero errors — happy customers

When it comes to safety-critical elements such as airbags, Eissmann takes the utmost care to ensure that everything works properly in case of an accident. That's why, today, Doxis4 is an integral part of the zero-error principle at Eissmann Group Automotive: documented production processes provide certainty in liability issues. The automotive supplier uses Doxis4 not only to document quality management and compliance, but also in many other parts of the company — enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining processes as a result. Its strategy: company-wide ECM and the gradual extension of the Doxis4 ECM platform.

This video demonstrates

  • How many hours of searching employees save with Doxis4 plus the additional benefits
  • How the company uses supplier eFiles & other Doxis4 solutions
  • How Eissmann Group Automotive documents the production chain with ECM
  • How Eissmann Group Automotive uses & extends Doxis4 company-wide

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