Customer Story: Fraport

Secure archiving solution for millions of documents

Fraport: Secure archiving solution for millions of documents

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A partnership spanning decades

For over 20 years, Fraport has depended on SER for its archiving needs. Personnel files, construction documents, SAP invoices up to 300 pages long: The airport operator archives all this and more in line with audit requirements — with Doxis4. Context is also key: Doxis4 saves employees valuable time by making it easy to find all documents that belong together, for instance when verifying invoices or in relation to construction projects.

In our case study, you learn

  • How Fraport ensures audit-proof archiving for millions of documents
  • How Doxis4 & SAP provide a 360° view of information
  • How Fraport seamlessly migrated 8.7 million documents
  • How the SER solution has been growing with Fraport's needs for years & continues to meet new requirements