Product video: Migration and consolidation

AI-enhanced federation, content migration and platform consolidation

Intelligent platform consolidation

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Legacy system migrations are important when selecting a new content services platform. Using the example of an Alfresco legacy system, we show how content and metadata are migrated to Doxis4 and how content analytics support sanity checks and discrepancies requiring further action. All other content is intelligently filed in the respective folders and made available in Doxis4. To intelligently import documents from a file system, Doxis4 first analyzes and automatically clusters them. Once completed, the result set is exported and can be used for future Doxis4 classification projects. This way, all imported documents are consistently migrated to Doxis4.

What this video will show you:

  • How content is consolidated and migrated from file systems or third-party repositories
  • How the migration scope and options are conveniently defined
  • How documents are imported and automatically clustered
  • How training sets for future classification projects are created