Customer Story: SEW-EURODRIVE

Globally networked information & processes

SEW-EURODRIVE: Globally networked information & processes

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Over 20 years of ECM growth

SEW-EURODRIVE is the world's leading brand for drive solutions. Fast and accurate customer order processing is a central tenet of the company, which means employees around the globe need access to the latest assembly orders, production documents, SAP data and much more. With Doxis4, SEW-EURODRIVE has created a company-wide information platform that can also be used to digitalize cross-disciplinary processes — efficiently and in the local language. The ECM platform has been growing in line with SEW-EURODRIVE's needs for over 20 years.

In our case study, you learn

  • Why SEW-EURODRIVE has been gradually extending Doxis4 for over 20 years
  • How up-to-date information is immediately available worldwide
  • Which development, production & administration processes have been digitalized with Doxis4
  • How SEW-EURODRIVE deploys & uses ECM internationally