Customer Story: STEAG

Digital processes for managing district-heating connections

STEAG: Digital processes for managing district-heating connections

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Transparent documentation

STEAG employees need swift access to contracts, drawings, site plans, pipeline diagrams, civil engineering plans and revegetation plans at all times. STEAG makes this possible with Doxis4: The company digitally manages tasks and documents relating to new connections and building alterations — and seamlessly documents them in parallel. This creates certainty for STEAG in the event of liability issues and forms the basis for even better customer service.

In our case study, you learn

  • How STEAG handles new connections & building alterations faster with Doxis4
  • How the company traceably documents all process steps
  • Why the STEAG team particularly enjoys working with the digital processes in Doxis4
  • Which other processes the company plans for Doxis4 in the future