Customer Story: Westfalen Gruppe

Automated document reading & customer portal integration

Westfalen Gruppe: Automated document reading & customer portal integration

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Streamlined processes

Documents going back and forth across the entire company? Westfalen Gruppe had the vision of expedited, more secure invoice processing — a goal it has achieved with Doxis4. But automated document reading and verification wasn't the only reason the company chose the ECM platform: Westfalen Gruppe is digitalizing business processes in many more areas, HR and customer service to name just two. The result: enhanced efficiency company-wide.

In our case study, you learn

  • How Westfalen Gruppe automates inbound invoice processing with Doxis4
  • Why integrating the customer portal with the ECM platform improves service
  • How Westfalen Gruppe securely archives HR documents with Doxis4
  • How Doxis4 assures the audit-proof archiving of gas tank inspection documents