Customer video: Doxis4 at Westfalen Gruppe

Secure archive, expedited processes & closer to customers

Westfalen Gruppe: Fast processes, closer to customers

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Make the most of early payment deadlines & keep customers happy

When cars need filling up, when homes and companies need electricity, when industry and commerce need gases, Westfalen Gruppe is there. But these business processes generate 2.5 million new documents and 66,000 supporting files every year. Westfalen Gruppe not only archives everything in line with audit requirements; it also manages locations and all document-driven processes — with Doxis4. The company-wide ECM platform provides full transparency, ensures deadlines for early payment discounts are met, and is the basis for digital customer services.

This video demonstrates

  • Why Westfalen Gruppe has depended on ECM by SER since 1998
  • How employees use Doxis4 in archiving, accounting & sales
  • How integrating the customer portal with Doxis4 benefits customers & employees alike
  • How simple it was for the IT team to roll Doxis4 to all departments & integrate it with SAP