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Mobile working with Doxis4


Access information anytime, anywhere & from any device


Take part in all processes at any time when on the go


Find frequently used information & ECM functions faster

Stay agile

Mobile working with Doxis4 gives you independence and flexibility.

Today, work is not always a place you travel to and from. In many areas, the traditional notion of the office as a workplace has become outdated. Now, we work where we happen to be: on business trips, visiting customers on site, at home — the possibilities are endless. With Doxis4, you work wherever and whenever you want. You access information and participate in business processes at any time. Doxis4 makes it happen easily, quickly and efficiently from anywhere.

Mobile working with Doxis4: Your advantages


Access information anytime & anywhere


Create & store new documents on the go


Participate in processes with internal & external teams anytime


Work with personalized mobile dashboards


Access always up-to-date reports on the go


Choose your preferred device: smartphone, tablet, laptop

Use Doxis4 on the go

Doxis4 is as easy to use on the go as it is in the office.

Search & access

Find documents, eFiles and processes on the go with Doxis4 and access them directly. The Doxis4 Viewer displays over 250 formats on any device.


Scan & store

Storing new information in Doxis4 is just as easy from your mobile device: Electronic archiving works with emails and attachments as well as scans and photos captured on smartphones or tablets.


Process & organize

Work on documents while on the go — Doxis4 archives the new version for you. Or manage tasks & processes (e.g. releases) directly on your device.


Choose your preferred device

Laptop, tablet, smartphone; iOS or Android: Doxis4 runs on any device and operating system. Work wherever and whenever you want — both online and offline.

Mobile working in all industries

Companies in all industries use Doxis4 on mobile devices for diverse business processes.

Smart maintenance in the industrial sector

In industrial sector companies, employees access digital machinery files directly from the factory floor: Documentation, CAD drawings, maintenance records and much more are retrieved quickly and easily using tablets.

Insurance claims settlements

Insurance providers shorten turnaround times with Doxis4: Appraisers store photographic evidence and records directly in the claims files. Insurance representatives upload signed applications and trigger the administrative process.

Supplier processes in logistics

Couriers and dispatchers store delivery receipts from logistics companies signed using hand-held computers directly in Doxis4 — along with other delivery documents captured in the same way.

Best practice

Mobile compliance

Airbags should offer faultless protection while staying invisible. Eissmann Group Automotive demonstrably complies with these security and design requirements in its production processes — with Doxis4. Read on to find out how the automotive supplier captures scans using mobile devices and keeps its information archiving audit-compliant.


Mobile working — company-wide

With Doxis4, mobile working is possible in any department and company-wide.

Release processes

Release orders and invoices from your mobile device at any time, whether on your laptop, tablet or smartphone — for instance with the SAP Fiori-based Doxis4 app for invoice processing.


HR management

Conveniently access Doxis4 HR files via your mobile device during employee meetings — wherever you happen to be. Directly store application documents you receive at job fairs and initiate the review process.

Customer relationships

View all up-to-date documents and files during customer appointments with Doxis4. Use your device to scan new documents, such as signed contracts, and store them directly in the customer files from your current location.

Best practice

Always close to your customers

"If customers want to buy insurance coverage online, then they should have the option of reporting a claim and sending the documents online as well." Read on to find out how the aspiration of René Schmalen, Head of Claims at Delvag, became a reality with Doxis4.


Customize your mobile working

Access frequently used information and ECM functions faster on the go with Doxis4.

Personal dashboards

Need quick access to supplier files in purchasing, or onboarding processes in HR, or CRM data in sales? With Doxis4, you access the information and processes you use frequently directly from your mobile device — even DMS functions like search or store.

Activity feeds

Which new tasks need attending to? Have any contracts or orders changed? Doxis4 shows you at a glance what's new and who processed what. You stay up to date at all times, wherever you are.


Keep track of lead times, the department's workload and outstanding invoices from anywhere with Doxis4: Clearly structured reports and charts display the most important and up-to-date KPIs.

Collaborate from anywhere

With Doxis4, collaborating with colleagues and business partners is easy — all the time and from anywhere.

From business trips to on-site project work, with Doxis4 you share information with colleagues and business partners, participate in business processes and structure your collaboration from anywhere:

  • Access electronic files for projects, contracts, customers and more
  • Share information securely in the Doxis4 iRoom
  • Keep track of the status of all tasks & processes

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With Doxis4, you have the perfect basis for fast, efficient business processes. From document management to business process management to collaboration and compliance solutions: With Doxis4, digitizing your information is possible at all times and in all places.

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