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Electronic project files with Doxis4



Digitally map & centrally steer diverse project structures


Clearly manage documents, resources, deadlines & tasks


Prove your compliance in decisions & processes

Utilize the power of the

Electronic project files with Doxis4 get your projects up and running.

Construction plans, event management, production — projects are fundamental to business in every industry and often involve multiple individuals across different departments and locations. Regardless of whether team members are from within or outside the company, with Doxis4 everyone has direct access to the latest project information. The Doxis4 electronic project file brings together all documents, data, emails, drawings, tasks and processes relating to your project. Decisions, leads and the latest project status are all documented clearly. With Doxis4, you seamlessly manage your projects to ensure they are completed on time and on budget.

Electronic project files with Doxis4: Your benefits


Centrally & systematically manage all project information


Transparently share information in widespread project teams


Integrate external colleagues via the Doxis4 iRoom


Manage processes & documents in the project context


Document all decisions & project steps


Archive all project documents in line with audit requirements

What's behind the power of the ?

Doxis4 eFiles simplify your daily work — thanks to the power of the e.

Doxis4 electronic files are your gateway to rolling out digital processes and collaboration company-wide. eFiles pool all information across multiple departments on, e.g. customers, suppliers, products, projects, employees and much more. Doxis4 eFiles make your digital information management:

  • Informed: See all relevant information at a glance
  • Structured: View the business context from all kinds of perspectives
  • Secure: Document processes, protect & store information securely

Best practice

Electronic project files connect traffic projects

Germany-wide construction projects involving large project teams are routine at DEGES. The Doxis4 electronic project file provides the digital infrastructure. Read on to find out how DEGES keeps project information clear and traceable — even decades later — and efficiently integrates external engineers, architects and appraisers into its projects.


means informed

Electronic project files with Doxis4 put all project information in one place and keep you and your team always up-to-date.

Central access

The electronic project file in Doxis4 bundles all project documents, drawings, images, videos, plans, correspondence and more. No matter where you are working, all the information you need is at your fingertips — in the project context and even on your mobile device.

Clear structure

Doxis4 project files structure your project information exactly the way you need it. Realizing a follow-up project? Simply transfer over your proven file structure and carry on as normal!

Universal document viewer

The Doxis4 viewer displays over 250 formats. Access CAD drawings, images and videos directly in Doxis4 — without having to install the original application.

Automatic notifications

Have changes been made to a project file? Doxis4 can inform you whenever new documents, tasks and processes are added or existing ones modified.

means integrated

Integrating Doxis4 with your business applications simplifies your project work.

Integrate ERP, CRM, PPS — even CAD: Doxis4 automatically transfers and updates information from these systems. Adding new entries to SAP, for example? Doxis4 directly creates a corresponding project file and launches the right process — e.g. to review an offer for materials or approve drawings.

  • Switch quickly and easily to applications such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce
  • Integrate project locations into your eFiles using Google Maps or GPS data
  • Use DMS functions in Microsoft Office & SharePoint: versioning, annotations, filing, searches and more

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means connected

Electronic project files with Doxis4 provide the basis for collaboration in widespread teams.

Cross-location project work

With Doxis4, you access your electronic project file from the construction site, your project partner's office, the event location and more — anytime and from any device. Call up all the latest project information, take part in workflows with Doxis4 business process management, and quickly share documents with other members.

Securely integrate external partners

Integrate external appraisers, legal counsel and engineers into your projects using the Doxis4 iRoom and give them secure online access to project files, selected folders, documents and processes. Your project partners can see, edit, upload and download information according to the permissions granted by, e.g. the project manager, either permanently or for set periods of time.


Collaboration via the Doxis4 iRoom

Eissmann Group Automotive shows how it's done! A world-leading automotive supplier integrates more than 1,000 suppliers using the multi-award winning Doxis4 iRoom.

Read more about the Doxis4 iRoom »

means documented

Doxis4 protects your project information and keeps a full audit trail on all project steps.

You decide who can access project files, edit documents or delete content. Doxis4 lets you assign access rights flexibly and specifically, e.g. for project leads, external partners, employees of other companies and so on. Doxis4 traceably documents every project step — and knows when steps have been missed. If this happens, Doxis4 promptly informs the relevant individuals. In parallel, with Doxis4 you store all versions of your project files and the associated documents in line with audit requirements. This means that in the event of, say, a liability issue, you can collate all the evidence you need in no time.


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Doxis4 is the perfect basis for end-to-end information management — from further eFiles to document and process management and collaboration.

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