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Enterprise search with Doxis4


Find information from multiple sources — fast


Your single source of truth for information company-wide


Actively use documents, eFiles & processes in business workflows

Put an end to information silos!

With Doxis4, you find information from all sources.

Databases, servers, Microsoft SharePoint, file directories… Companies store information in numerous places — mostly isolated and difficult to locate. With Doxis4, you break down these barriers and bring together documents, data and processes from all systems in the right context. Their locations are unimportant. The enterprise search function in Doxis4 brings transparency to all existing information and provides a single gateway for access. With Doxis4, you put an end to time-consuming searches in countless information silos — and create the basis for actively using all information in your business processes.

Enterprise search with Doxis4: Your advantages


A single source of truth for company-wide searches


Search based on context, irrespective of storage & filing location


Bring transparency to all existing information


Intelligently link all information in the right business context


Identify EU GDPR-relevant information


Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements

Enterprise search gets you where you want to be — faster

Doxis4 forms the connecting link between your systems. It helps you to find all information stored in various filing systems across the company, for instance file and document management platforms, archives, Microsoft SharePoint and more.

Central search

Doxis4 is your single source of truth for company-wide searches: You find all the information available, without having to switch between different repositories.

Uniform result list

Doxis4 displays all results in a uniform list. You immediately see the source and can jump directly to it from the results page.

Complete results

Whether documents, data, electronic files, tasks or processes, Doxis4 finds all information from all systems in the right context and displays the results intelligently.

Convenient search tools

Doxis4 supports your enterprise search with a range of useful search tools:

Combined search

In Doxis4, you can perform keyword or full-text searches, or combine the two to quickly find the information you need.

Filter options

Filter your search results in Doxis4 by author, language, document type, user and much more.

Dynamic result lists

Ask the system to display dynamic result lists — for example: all contracts from the last six months.

Integrated document viewer

Don't have the original application on your computer to open a file? The Doxis4 Viewer will display it anyway!

Best practice

Directly access all information sources

Looking for customer information in unstructured file directories, numerous archives and the CRM platform takes a lot of patience — or it takes Doxis4! At Sunrise, employees quickly and easily find all the customer files, data and documents they need from across the company. Read on to find out how the telecommunications provider has optimized its information management with Doxis4.


From isolated systems to content federation

When it comes to intelligent information management, enterprise search is only the beginning. Go one step further with Doxis4: Content federation makes information actionable in the right context.

Metadata management

Doxis4 locates information from external sources and automatically assigns metadata. With content federation, this information is made actionable in your information management.

Context assignment

Doxis4 automatically assigns information to the right context: invoices to supplier files, résumés to application processes, etc.

Simple information transfer

Need to version documents from the file directory and archive them in line with audit requirements? Simply transfer them to Doxis4 at the touch of a button and use all the benefits of ECM.

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Enterprise search offers security

With Doxis4, you lay the groundwork for compliant information management.

Doxis4 enterprise search finds all information company-wide. It's easy to identify, for instance, personal data or documents subject to retention.

  • Flag information with EU GDPR relevance & irretrievably delete it at any time
  • Protect sensitive information against unauthorized access & manipulation
  • Comply with legal retention periods


Company-wide EU GDPR compliance

Knowing where every last bit of personal data is located is essential for EU GDPR compliance — to ensure it can be properly protected and verifiably deleted. Read on to find out how Doxis4 gives you the peace of mind of knowing you comply fully with data protection requirements.



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With Doxis4, you find information from all sources and incorporate it into your information management: from document management to electronic archiving and collaboration. It's the basis for digitalizing your business processes company-wide.

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