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As the service sector continues to grow unabated, so too does the volume of information that accompanies services and customer projects. With Doxis4, you keep track of all this information and stay accountable to your customers at all times. Manage all your documents and processes with Doxis4 rapidly, flexibly and transparently — from contract generation to supplier management to handover. Doxis4 protects sensitive customer data in line with the EU GDPR and documents your compliance, enabling you to deliver service excellence to customers at all times.

ECM for service providers

Digital order files

Electronic files bundle all information relating to your orders: inquiries, contracts, tender documents, presentations, emails, deadlines, data from CRM and ERP systems and much more.

Virtual project rooms & integrated apps

Doxis4 makes collaborating with customers and business partners a cinch: Exchange project documents securely via the Doxis4 iRoom — or in your integrated portals and apps.

Automated processes

Releases, orders, invoice processing and email archiving are just some of the processes that can be automated with Doxis4. And if, say, an order changes, it's no problem to intervene and make adjustments as necessary.

Quality management & documentation

What have customers accepted and released? Have all contract conditions been met? Doxis4 documents every step and helps you to optimize your quality management.

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The advantages of Doxis4


Centrally access all customer, project & order information


Transparently manage all orders & projects


Directly provide information to customers


Protect all customer data in compliance with the EU GDPR


Verifiably document quality & compliance


Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements


Tailored solutions for service providers

Providing expert service in real time is a crucial competitive advantage for service providers. Read on to find out which Doxis4 solutions enable you not only to provide information to customers and business partners quickly and directly, but also improve customer centricity in your processes.


Best practice

An HR services provider with insight

Randstad specializes in deploying temporary and permanent staff across Germany from its 550 locations. How does the service provider match the right candidates to the right companies? With Doxis4! Read on to find out how Randstad uses Doxis4 to efficiently manage its pool of applicants and employees.


Doxis4 is available in 13 languages

Multilingualism & Unicode capability make Doxis4 the ideal ECM platform for global deployment.

Doxis4 is highly scalable with a multitenant architecture that can be deployed globally and managed centrally. Doxis4 is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian and Arabic. This means that with Doxis4, international companies can provide their employees all user interfaces and metadata in their local languages.

Best practice

Digital real estate management

DOGEWO21 has 16,000 properties in its portfolio — and all relevant information on every last one. Read on to find out how the property management firm manages its rental contracts and properties transparently and efficiently with Doxis4.


Documented compliance

Stay demonstrably compliant, with Doxis4.

With Doxis4, you process all customer data in compliance with the EU GDPR, from storage and analysis to transmission and deletion. Doxis4 documents your conformance with both these and other compliance requirements. The numerous Doxis4 certifications are testimony to this. The result: You fulfill important customer requirements — in tender processes, for instance.


Discover Doxis4!

Cross-location processes and document management, secure collaboration with business partners: Doxis4 offers a wide range of solutions for your service processes — and for your company-wide digitalization.

A guide to optimizing case, workflow & process management

An in-depth look at how automated and enhanced digital processes can deliver a crucial competitive edge to service providers: with case studies and actionable insights to digitally transform your business processes for long-term agility.


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