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Integration with Doxis4


Integrated in SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce & many more


Bring together information & create end-to-end digital processes


Store all information in an audit-proof manner

Doxis4 bridges system boundaries

Doxis4 forms the mainstay of your entire information management system.

ERP, A/P, CRM or HR – structured data can be managed with a wide range of systems. But what about purchase orders, invoices, contracts, CAD drawings and emails? In your business processes, you need the corresponding documents for each transaction. By integrating with Doxis4, all information about a business case is bundled logically: The software provides you with an instant overview, including history. Doxis4 automatically archives all data and documents in a redundancy-free and audit-proof manner. This gives you security with regard to retention periods and deadlines. Speed and transparency provide you with further key competitive advantages.

Multiple systems – one ECM

With the universal, vendor-independent Doxis4 connectors for ERP, CRM, etc. you can integrate any of your applications. This enables you to create the integration scenario that fits your interface needs. Generic and specific interfaces, content federation services and add-ins enable you to create a variety of integration scenarios, from indirect to seamless Integration.

The Doxis4 Viewer displays more than 300 formats – without ever having to install the original application.

Integration with Doxis4: Your benefits


Comprehensive view of the entire business process


Eliminates media disruptions & system switching


Working with familiar applications & interfaces


Audit-proof archiving – including metadata inheritance


Redundancy-free data & document management


End-to-end, efficient & error-free digital processes

Specific vendors

Doxis4 fits perfectly

Are you running SAP, Microsoft or Salesforce? Perfect! Learn all about vendor-specific and certified interfaces of Doxis4:

Fully in line with your requirements

You define the integration depth. Generic and specific interfaces, content federation services, and add-ins provide you with full flexibility:

Add missing functionality

Round out your leading systems with missing functions such as audit-proof archiving: Users can access these functions via the familiar interface, for example, when filing documents using Microsoft Office, or automatically when archiving SAP data. Doxis4 imports information from the document or filing context as metadata.

Seamlessly integrated

Users work entirely in familiar interfaces, using the ECM extensions as if they were native to SAP or other specialized applications. With Doxis4, you’ll find that cumbersome system switching, media disruptions, poor process support, and redundant databases are all things of the past.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Automate your processes across system boundaries. For example, Doxis4 automatically creates the proper Doxis4 eFiles for new ERP or CRM data records. In addition, Doxis4 automatically extracts information from the source systems and imports it – without any programming (RPA).

Fully in line with your requirements

You define the integration depth. Generic and specific interfaces, content federation services, and add-ins provide you with full flexibility:

Add missing functionality

Seamlessly integrated

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Best practices

Integration supports first-class service

Via customer portal, CRM, Microsoft Outlook, Office & SharePoint – customer information is generated in many places at Sunrise. Learn how the largest Swiss telecommunications provider combines all of these with Doxis4 – the prerequisite for premier customer service.


Smart content federation services

Regardless of where information is created and stored, Doxis4 content federation services connect all the relevant content for you.

With the Doxis4 enterprise search functionality, you can find documents, data, and workflows from any system, providing you with an overview of everything across the enterprise. Doxis4 transfers or adds the metadata of information that is generated and stored in third-party systems. This means that all of the information is available to you across applications and processes. Would you like to identify optimization potential and analyze your data? Use Doxis4 Cognitive Services for a range of tasks: from detecting the urgency of your customer inquiries, to tracking down experts, to risk classification of contracts, and so much more. Make Doxis4 your platform for intelligent information management!

Unabhängig davon, wo Informationen entstehen und gespeichert werden, vernetzen die Content Federation-Dienste von Doxis4 alle relevanten Inhalte für Sie.
Integration with Doxis4: Technical highlights

Integration with Doxis4: Technical highlights

  • Enterprise search & content federation (linked objects)
  • Universal interface to common ERP, HR & CRM systems via universal ERP connector
  • Certified interfaces to SAP (ArchiveLink (BC-AL 6.20) / HTTP Content Server, Netweaver ILM (BC-ILM 2.0 / 3.0))
  • Integrated modules & interfaces for Microsoft Office, Office 365, Outlook, SharePoint, SharePoint Online & Dynamics NAV/AX
  • Salesforce Connector & RESTful API
  • Standardized connection of email, file & SharePoint servers via Doxis4 Gateway Service
  • Further connectors for open, vendor-independent standards: CMIS, WebDAV, file import, etc.
  • Automatic extraction & transferal of information from source systems without programming (RPA)
  • Cross-platform user login via Kerbero
  • Transferal of users/groups from Active Directory/LDAP

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