Microsoft even stronger!

Microsoft integration with Doxis4


ECM integration with a certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Seamlessly integrated

Integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint & Dynamics


Use DMS functions directly in your standard Microsoft interface

Tuning for Microsoft

Doxis4 adds important DMS functions to your Microsoft applications.

Emails, presentations, calculations, contracts, cover letters: Most of us work every day with applications like Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint. With Doxis4 you can add functions missing in Microsoft: important DMS functions such as filing, searching, versioning, workflows and secure archiving of business-critical documents – seamlessly integrated in your standard Microsoft interfaces. Do you manage your ERP and CRM data in Microsoft Dynamics? Doxis4 brings this data together with the related documents – audit-proof and available quickly from anywhere.

Microsoft integration with Doxis4: Your benefits


Smart add-ins for DMS functions in Microsoft


Structured & traceable access to all information


Unify all business process information


Version management for all Microsoft documents


Quickly search and file emails, documents & data


Audit-proof archiving of all emails, attachments, documents, etc.

Best practice

Integration with Doxis4 lets Microsoft shine

Duravit now manages Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets even smarter with Doxis4 SmartOffice Plus. Learn how you can benefit from additional Doxis4 DMS functions in your standard Microsoft environment.

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Microsoft Dynamics is even more dynamic

Doxis4 rounds out Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Archive data & documents

Print lists, invoices, quotations: Inbound and outbound documents from Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 are archived automatically with Doxis4. For example, Doxis4 imports customer or vendor master data, and stores everything in an audit-proof manner.

Find all information

Doxis4 provides you with direct access in Microsoft Dynamics to all the relevant information about a transaction. You can switch flexibly in one click, e.g. from a Doxis4 vendor file or customer file  to Dynamics and back.

Go for gold

SER is a long-standing certified Gold Partner of Microsoft: This is the best prerequisite for your integration.

Only 1% of all Microsoft partners have achieved Gold status – and SER has been a Gold Partner already for over a decade now. This guarantees that your Doxis4 solutions run with every Microsoft release and ensures both systems are seamlessly integrated.

Smart integration of Microsoft Outlook

With Doxis4 SmartOutlook Plus you can manage your email in a structured and audit-proof manner.

Audit-proof email archiving

Emails and attachments can be archived with Doxis4 email archiving in an audit-proof and non-redundant manner: simply via drag-and-drop, automatically or using journal archiving. This ensures your correspondence is secure and noticeably reduces the load on your mailboxes.

Structured & company-wide filing

Share emails with company areas and teams using Doxis4: Doxis4 eFiles bundle all information about a business case, e.g. inquiries, orders and contracts for a customer. Via the integrated add-in, filing and search functions run directly from Outlook.

Integrate processes in Outlook

Automate all of your inbound mail processing with Doxis4. Emails, letters, applications, online forms etc. are captured directly, classified and forwarded to the right persons for processing. To manage all other tasks, use Doxis4 BPM.

Enhance Microsoft Office the smart way

Doxis4 SmartOffice Plus enhances Microsoft Office with important DMS functions.

Word documents, Excel lists and PowerPoint presentations in local file directories? It doesn’t take long to lose the overview. With Doxis4 you can easily keep an overview and create structure: Versioning makes changes traceable. In eFiles, you can quickly find further relevant information about your document. The practical DMS functions from Doxis4 are available directly in your Microsoft application:

  • Add-in: file & search for documents directly from Microsoft
  • Annotations: work better together & coordinate documents
  • Workflows: approvals, follow-up & deadline reminders

Microsoft SharePoint becomes team-oriented

Documents, emails, processes and tasks: Doxis4 makes it all available to your team directly in Microsoft SharePoint.

You can search for information directly from the portal. At the same time, Doxis4 adds an important missing function to Microsoft SharePoint: audit-proof SharePoint archiving. If you collaborate on a shared document, Doxis4 transparently archives all versions – and protects these from unwanted access and accidental deletion. With Doxis4 you can integrate SharePoint securely and archive information automatically in the correct context.

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