Make SAP

SAP integration with Doxis4


Fully integrated in SAP via certified interfaces


Add important DMS functions, eFiles & BPM to SAP


Archive SAP data automatically in an audit-proof manner

Perfect partners

Doxis4 and SAP are long-standing partners: You benefit from this relationship in your SAP integration.

SAP is indispensable whenever you process structured data on customers, suppliers, contracts and orders. You can only work on a business process completely when you have the related documents. Doxis4 provides them to you: You’ll find emails, contracts, invoices, etc. directly in your SAP transaction with Doxis4. Fully integrated, Doxis4 enhances your SAP with important DMS functions, eFiles, flexible workflows and audit-proof archiving. You manage your processes end-to-end digitally using SAP modules and departments.

SAP integration with Doxis4: Your benefits


Structured and complete view of business processes


Find and access documents directly from SAP


Add missing DMS functions to SAP


Flexible workflow support with SAP & Doxis4


Audit-proof archiving of SAP data


Attain higher performance from SAP

Best practices

SAP integration connects departments

Purchase orders, material master data, price lists and unit lists: Krone automatically archives SAP data in Doxis4 digital files. With this information, all departments can collaborate harmoniously. Learn how a leading specialist in commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery has integrated Doxis4 in numerous SAP modules.

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Certified for success

With the certified interfaces of Doxis4, your SAP integration is set to succeed.

As a long-standing certified partner of SAP, SER ensures a deep integration of SAP and Doxis4. With the certified interfaces and add-ons, as well as its own namespace in SAP, Doxis4 is fully integrated – also for SAP S/4HANA.

  • SAP add-on for automated invoice verification
  • SAP interface for archiving via ArchiveLink
  • Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM

SAP integration with Doxis4 combines everything

With Doxis4, you can find all information about your business processes – and with all the Doxis4 DMS & BPM functions at your fingertips.

Inbound invoices & SAP

Integrated inbound invoice processing and approval processes directly in SAP: Doxis4 automates the entire inbound invoice process, from capturing and releasing to fully automated posting in SAP.

Combine SAP data & documents

Contracts, delivery notes, invoices, emails: You no longer need to search documents for SAP transactions in attachment lists, file systems and mailboxes: Doxis4 provides these directly from SAP.

Provide context with eFiles

With electronic files, you can bundle data, documents and workflows in Doxis4, e.g. in the context of your vendors. The Doxis4 Folder Cockpit or Doxis4 eFiles turns your attachments list directly in SAP into a complete file.

Enhance SAP with DMS functions

Versioning, annotations, filing and searches: Doxis4 adds missing DMS functions to SAP. This enables you to work on documents conveniently and traceably – and manage documents in an audit-proof manner. For all SAP filing and capture scenarios.

SAP integration with Doxis4 combines everything

With Doxis4, you can find all information about your business processes – and with all the Doxis4 DMS & BPM functions at your fingertips.

Inbound invoices & SAP

Combine SAP data & documents

Provide context with eFiles

Enhance SAP with DMS functions

Doxis4 zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Usability aus

Short process

Stay flexible with Doxis4.

SAP workflows are practical, but sometimes a bit rigid. With Doxis4 you have more flexibility: You can design standard and ad hoc processes to meet your requirements. This also includes information from other integrated specialist applications. Doxis4 responds to events in SAP and initiates many processes automatically:

  • Create new eFiles & processes – without ABAP programming
  • Automatic indexing & allocation of new SAP information
  • Doxis4 archives all SAP data & related documents in an audit-proof manner

The perfect duo: Invoice processing integrated in SAP

Doxis4 Invoice Master provides you all you need to read and verify invoices in SAP. Including web access for non-SAP users, time and location-independent mobile invoice approval with the SAP Fiori app and IDW PS 880-certified, audit-proof archiving according to domestic accounting standards.

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